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Adivina, adivina. Guess it!
Do you like riddles? Here we have four Spanish riddles (adivinanzas, in Spanish).

An adjective ("adjetivo", in Spanish) is a word that describes, limits of qualifies a noun. There are some differences between English and Spanish adjectives...

Bajo - Abajo - Debajo
These three words seem to be very similar! We are going to learn how to differentiate them.

Bueno and Bien Exercises.
Here you have some exercises about bueno and bien, and our weekly pool about the Spanish word -Lunes-.

Bueno or Bien?
This is a very common question among Spanish students. With this lesson you will learn to differentiate both terms and use them correctly.

Caperucita Roja - Cuarta parte.
¡Sí! Here we have ´La cuarta parte del cuento "Caperucita Roja". And don´t forget there is a poll waiting for you!

Caperucita Roja - Quinta parte.
And here we have ´La quinta y última parte del cuento "Caperucita Roja".

Caperucita Roja - Segunda parte.
Did you enjoy the first part of this tale? Here we have the second part.

Caperucita Roja - Tercera parte.
This is our third part of the tale "Caperucita Roja". Click, listen, read and enjoy it! You´ll also find here the poll of the week.

Caperucita Roja. El comienzo.
Each month, we´ll read, listen and analyze several Spanish tales...

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