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Spanish reading comprehension. Mi agenda.
Read the Spanish text and answer the questions. This exercise will help you improve your Spanish reading comprehension and you will also add some new Spanish words to your collection!

Spanish Regular Verbs Conjugation: Present Indicative.
Present Indicative is a verbal tense that indicates what is happening now...

Spanish Short Film -
Spanish Short film with subtitles in Spanish. A good way to improve your Spanish.

Spanish spelling. “b” and “v”. Words with “b”
B? V? Difficult to know which one to use in Spanish? Learn the spelling rules for "b" and "v" and take the tests.

Spanish tip -
What is the difference between Spanish "deber" and "deber de"? This article explains both uses and gives you some examples, so you can understand it. With quiz to review what you learn!

Spanish Tip - Comparatives and numbers
Más que? or Más de? Learn how to use comparatives and numbers in Spanish!

Spanish Tip - Interrogative pronouns accentuation
Should Spanish interrogative pronouns take an accent?

Spanish tip - La gente (People)
La gente... Singular or plural in Spanish?

Spanish Tip - Las una or La una?
When telling the time in Spanish, is the form "Es las una." correct?

Spanish tip - one more / un-una más
How would you translate "One more apple, please"?

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