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Spanish Videos - Color Esperanza
Watch the Spanish video "Color Esperanza", read the lyrics and learn more vocabulary. Listening to Spanish songs is a good way to improve your Spanish!

Spanish Videos - Pocoyo - La Semilla
Pocoyo is very popular among little children, here is Spain too. I think this kind of videos can help Spanish students a lot.

Spanish Videos. Pocahontas
Learn new vocabulary and expression. Listen to this video and read the subtitles!

Spanish vocabulary video. Poniendo la mesa
A new video with Spanish vocabulary. Watch, listen and learn words like fork, spoon, cup, plate or napkin.

Spanish Vocabulary. El ascensor
New Spanish word: Ascensor (lift/elevator). Read about this word, and listen / watch the video.

Spanish Vocabulary. El calendario.
Learn about the origins, uses and pronunciation of the Spanish word "calendario".

Spanish Vocabulary. El siglo
Learn more about the Spanish word "siglo", listen to its pronunciation and read some examples.

Spanish Vocabulary. Entrenar (To train)
Learn about the Spanish word "entrenar" (To train, in English), its uses, definitions and origins. This article includes some examples to learn how this word is used.

Spanish Vocabulary. Medianoche (Midnight).
Learn a new Spanish word: "La medianoche"; its origins, pronunciation, English translations and uses. This article includes some examples with translations.

Spanish vocabulary. Parentescos. (Relatives)
Learn more Spanish vocabulary, this time about relatives (parientes). Read the list of words, Watch/listen to the video and take the quiz.

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