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Tip - Spanish adjectives - Gender agreement
Adjectives qualifying two or more nouns at the same time. Should we use a masculine of feminine adjective in Spanish?

Tip of the Month - 'Comiste' or 'Comistes'??
Some people, when using the second person singular of the preterite tense, they add a final ´s´...

Tip of the Month - ¿hay? ¿ahí? ¿ay?
Their pronunciation is so similar! But they have different uses and meanings.

Tip of the Month - A vs. HA
So, what´s the difference between these two Spanish words?

Tip of the Month - About 'un' and 'uno'
Should I use "un"? "uno"? Read more!

Tip of the Month - Conjunctions -y- and -e-.
Both "y" and "e" are translated as "and", and they are conjunctions.

Tip of the Month - Days and months are...
Masculine? Days and months?? Yes, that simple. In Spanish, both, names of months and days of the week always take the masculine form.

Tip of the Month - Detrás de ti or Detrás tuyo?
A lot of native Spanish think both forms are right, but, that´s not true. Let´s see why.

Tip of the month - Otro - Otra - Otros - Otras
Using 'another' in Spanish. No indefinite article!

Tip of the Month - Pronouncing long Spanish words
I guess you have sometimes found very (or quite) difficult to pronounce some Spanish words, specially if they are very long, that is, words with four or more syllables, right?

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