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Tip of the Month - Spanish Future Tense
Learn how to conjugate Spanish Future tense (regular verbs) and don´t forget we have a new poll!

Tip of the Month - Spanish letter -h-
The answer is: Never!

Tip of the Month - Using 'abajo'
Learn how to use the adverb 'abajo'. Find some rules and examples to make it easier!

Tip of the Month - Using the verb Haber.
Haber can be used either as an auxiliary or as a verb meaning "there is" / "there are". What about plurals??

Tip of the Month - Verbs ending in -bir.
Which of the following verbs is correct? Escribir or Escrivir??

Tip of the Month - Words ending in -ción or -sión.
Talking about Spanish nouns (substantives), we already have a general rule: words ending in -a are feminine.

Tip of the Month - Words ending in -dad.
Let´s refresh some ideas about feminine nouns (substantives) endings.

Tip of the month. False cognates
Learn more about "False Cognates", or "Amigos Falsos", words with similar spelling but with different meaning in both languages.

Tip of the month. G or J?
Do you know when to write a Spanish word with letter "g"? Or should you write a "j" instead?

Tip of the month. Spanish Relative Pronoun
Can Spanish relative 'que' pronoun be omitted?

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