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Forvo, the Free, Online Pronunciation Guide
Don't you know how to pronounce that Spanish word? Forvo can help you. Listen to any word, in any language, recorded by native speakers.

Free Spanish Help - Video-chat with Angeles
Let´s chat, in real time! This is a free option I´m offering right now, to help you with your Spanish. I´ll be available as much as possible, to answer your questions.

Free Spanish Podcasts
Do you know there are Spanish podcasts you can download and listen to for free? This is a great way to learn and/or improve your Spanish!

Future tense game. Play and learn!
I´ve prepared this activity and this is how it works:...

Gender of Spanish Nouns
We have already learned in previous lessons (Spanish Definite Articles - Spanish Indefinite Articles) that Spanish nouns are either masculine or feminine.

Guess the word! Spanish Scramble!
New game: Spanish Scramble... ¡Adivina la palabra!

Imperfect Indicative Tense - Conjugation.
The Spanish Imperfect tense is used to refer or talk about past actions that took place over an indeterminate period of time...

Improve your Spanish with Telenovelas!
5 Easy Tips for Improving Your Spanish Without Ever Entering a Classroom by Ruth Kunstadter

Introduction to Spanish verbs.
Before this first approach to Spanish verbs, let´s begin with a question: What´s a verb? From a grammatical point of view, a verb is a word that is used to indicate and action, state or condition. Verbs function as the predicate of a sentence or introduce the predicate.

Introduction to the Spanish subjunctive mood
This article will introduce you to the use of Spanish subjunctive, and includes some examples and an audio recording.

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