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Homemade Play Mixes For Nursery
Are you looking for some fun activities for your nursery children? Here are some recipes for some sensory activities that will make them giggle and ask for more.

Homeschooling in the LDS Home
There are many parents that love the idea of homeschool, but do not think that there is any way that they could do it themselves. Teaching our children at home is something we have been doing since they were born.

Honoring the Priesthood by John Bytheway REVIEW
In this book and book on tape, John Bytheway teaches young men about honoring the Priesthood and magnifying their callings. Also a great reference for young women, leaders and parents.

How Awesome Will It Be?--REVIEW
Are you looking for a great book about the Second Coming of Christ? You will find it within the pages of "How Awesome Will It Be?"

How to Have Successful Family Home Evenings
Family Home Evening doesn't have to be difficult! Here are some tips for a successful FHE program in your home.

How to Learn The Articles of Faith
Are you trying to help your class or child learn The Articles of Faith? Here are some ideas to make learning them easier.

I Am a Child of God CSMP 2008
This is a sample program for the 2008 Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation.

I Believe in the Articles of Faith
Have you ever wondered what you would say if someone asked you what you believed as a member of the Church? What would you say? Here is a FHE lesson to help your family learn how to answer this question. This is is first in a series of lessons I will make available on the Articles of Faith.

Individual Worth
Do we truly know and understand who we are? Individual worth is simply knowing you are a child of God and then acting accordingly.

Intentional Testimonies
Are you intentional with your testimony? Or are you casual with your testimony? Here are some things to ponder to decide if you will be intentional or not.

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