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Tennis New Year Resolutions
Every year we look back at what we’ve achieved and look ahead to what can be accomplished, whether it’s changing jobs or saving money or working on your backhand.

Tennis Practice Makes Perfect Strokes
Tennis is a game of fitness and strategy, but you also need sound mechanics to execute your strokes consistently, and that means practicing all the shots you're going to need.

Tennis Reaches New Heights
No doubt the game of tennis is a physical game. Getting yourself in good shape will help on court, but you can also improve your quickness to be more effective during matches.

Tennis Serving Options
Serving is an advantage to start the point in any tennis game. Service winners and aces can score free points, but if the serve doesn’t go in, then you have no chance of winning. You have to be smart and know when to go for it.

Tennis Strategy for the Underdog
Tennis players come in all ages, sizes and playing abilities, so how do you compete in a lopsided tennis match when your opponent is a lot better than you?

Tennis Strings and You
Any tennis player will tell you that it´s important to find just the right racquet to feel comfortable with their game but most don´t pay much attention to the strings they put in the racquet. Find out why it makes a difference.

The Red Clay of Paris
What does it take to win on the clay? Few American’s have solved that problem, but those that do, have gone on to enjoy great success. It’s all about your mindset.

The Russians Have Arrived
Anna Kournikova started the Russian revolution, but hopes faded as she failed to win a singles title. Now four of the Top 10 women in the world are from Russia.

The Tennis Personality
You know who you are...the player with the latest equipment who can´t hit a backhand. You´ve seen them on the courts with their fancy designer outfits. Find out about each of these different tennis personalities and what to when you encounter one.

The Truth About Tennis Ball Numbers
Did you ever wonder what is the importance of that little number printed on a tennis ball? Is it better to play with a Penn 1 or a Wilson 4?

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