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Grass Court Tennis
Adjust your game and your strategy to be more effective on low-bouncing and quick-paced grass tennis courts.

Hanging With Junior Tennis
Adults and kids play tennis against each other all the time, usually in the roles of teacher or coach and student, but make no mistake, playing a competitive game against those little guys isn’t as easy as it looks.

Health of Recreational Tennis
With increasing family and job commitments, tennis tournament and league organizers are finding fewer entrants in local events. Is tennis on a decline?

Hot Australian Tennis
The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam event of the new tennis year. While other parts of the world are shoveling snow, the folks in Melbourne are hoping for cool weather. The tennis competition is hot, and the on-court temperatures are even hotter.

Hot Summer Tennis
Summer is prime time for tennis, and with it can come hot weather, and even hotter temperatures on court. The heat can be a serious detriment to your health, but taking some simple precautions will help get your through it.

Improve Your Position to Improve Your Tennis Game
If you’re looking to improve your tennis game, start by working harder to improve your position on court. Better preparation as you move to the ball can greatly increase your chances of making a good shot.

Improve Your Tennis Game in the New Year
Don´t let another year go by without a solid volley and no second serve. Now is the time to commit to working on those parts of your game that you struggled with last season.

Indoor Tennis
It’s the same court surface, same balls, same net height, same everything, so then why is playing tennis indoors so much different than playing outdoors?

Influential Women in Tennis
Tennis today is a game enjoyed by all but it was not that long ago when women had to fight for tournament prize money and equal opportunity on the tennis court.

International Tennis World
A look at the WTA and ATP world rankings shows a much different picture today than it did 10 or 20 years ago with not much of the good ol’ American red, white and blue anywhere to be found.

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