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Manage Your Frustration in the Wind
Tennis shots can be in or out by inches, but when the wind comes into play, you have to change your tactics for a winning attitude and not allow the wind to become your opponent.

Martina Hingis Retirement and Controversy
This Grand Slam champion has earned her place in tennis history but the accomplishments may forever be marked with an asterisk as Martina Hingis ends her career amid controversy and doping allegations.

Mastering Indoor Tennis
Indoor tennis takes an adjustment same as it would to play on grass or clay. Find out how to take advantage of your opponent when you play indoors.

May is National Tennis Month
Join in the fun, with national and local tennis events for kids and families taking place in communities throughout the country. Coming soon to a shopping mall, high school or neighborhood park near you.

Mixed Doubles Strategy
Tennis can be social or competitive, and there are different strategies for both, but it's pretty well known the best way to play when you go out for mixed doubles. Aim for the woman.

Mixed Doubles Strategy
These quick and easy tennis tips will help you be successful playing mixed doubles and have more fun on the court with your partner.

Motherhood Suits Davenport
At age 31, Lindsay Davenport had it all, but there was something missing. Just months after giving birth to her first child, she decided to pick up her tennis racquet again. We sure are glad she did!

New Day in Women’s Tennis
Belgian breaks through at the French and spoils all-Williams final, serving notice that the Williams sisters can be beat, and giving tennis fans something wonderful to look forward to.

No Partner? No Problem!
Even if you don´t have a tennis partner, you can still work on your game. Many local parks and schools have a wall or backboard to hit against, and if you´re near a tennis facility, you may be able to rent time on a ball machine. Going solo doesn´t mean you can´t work on your game.

One Handed or Two Handed Backhand
So many players now use two hands on the backhand side. The days of Pete Sampras and Steffi Graf are over. Which is more effective?

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