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Playing Power Tennis to Win
Every tennis player likes to hit winners, the harder the better, but if only one or two of those shots land in, you can't win the game. Take a look at what Tom Veneziano recommends for junior and adult players.

Playing Staggered
Do you know what is the best doubles formation? There are several answers, all of which are right, depending on the situation. Find out when a using staggered formation is most effective.

Playing Tennis During Pregnancy
It’s important for your body to get exercise while you’re pregnant, but you must do so in the safest way possible for you and your baby. You need to seriously consider all possibilities before deciding to play tennis, or any sport, during your pregnancy.

Playing with an Injury
Most tennis players are committed to the game, and it takes a lot to slow them down, and even more to take some time off. If you are determined to play through an injury, here are some tips that can help get you through the match.

Practice With a Purpose
When you go out to the court to practice tennis, that´s what you should do. It's too easy to get in the habit of just "hitting" and not working on strategy and shot placement.

Preparing for a Tournament
If you’re thinking of playing in your first tennis tournament, or if it’s been awhile since you last competed, you might want to check out these tennis tournament tips before you enter.

Public Court Tennis
Public court tennis can be challenging. There are bad nets to contend with, loud music or other distractions, and worse. But if you have to go, make sure to bring your own toilet paper.

Quick Tips for Better Volleys
Whether you play singles or doubles, taking over the net with solid volleys is a skill that every player should have in their game. Use these quick tips to improve your net play

Quiet on the Court
Tennis players expect quiet on the court. They need to concentrate on their next shot. It’s hard to imagine how those same players can execute their shots with all the screaming and shrieking in women’s professional tennis.

Racquet Facts
Here´s a quick review of terminology and technology to help you make an informed decision about the purchase of your next tennis racquet.

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