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Swing with Confidence
Confidence plays a big role in your success and failure on the tennis court. Find out how to play your best tennis when you’re really not playing your best because of doubts about your game.

Tennis Against Two Opponents
When you go out on the tennis court, not only do you have to worry about your opponent, but sometimes you also have to battle against yourself to keep your nerves under control.

Tennis and Life Lessons
Tennis and life lessons can be learned on the tennis court starting at a young age and can be used your whole life.

Tennis at La Quinta Resort
If you´re in the Palm Springs area, be sure to stop by the La Quinta Resort & Club, rated in the Top 20 by Tennis Magazine, complete with hard, grass, and clay surfaces.

Tennis Coaching Advantage
Many tournaments, leagues and competitive tennis events allow on-court coaching during the game but is it really a benefit for players and what does it say about their game?

Tennis Court Etiquette
The game of tennis has very traditional roots, and is often played at private country clubs where players are expected to behave a certain way. While grassroots tennis has moved out onto public courts, there are still certain rules of etiquette that should be followed.

Tennis Essentials for Performance
When it's hot outside, it can be even hotter on court. Make sure you protect yourself from the sun and take precautions to stay as cool as possible.

Tennis Fun
Are you ready for some tennis fun? This game will test your knowledge of past and present tennis players and how we've come to affectionately know them.

Tennis is a Team Sport
When you drive by the local tennis courts, you generally see one or two people on each side of the net hitting a tennis ball back and forth. Look again. Tennis isn't always an individual sport.

Tennis Jobs
They always say the best job is to find a way of making money doing what you love to do. If you love tennis, then maybe you should check out some of the available careers in tennis.

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