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Collard Greens Recipe Ideas
When it comes to vegetarian cuisine and resolutions to stay on track with a healthy diet many of us go through 'brain-freeze' trying to figure out what to do with the greens. Collard greens are great, but sorely misunderstood. Here are some of the many ways you can work with them.

Cooking for Vegetarians & Meat Eaters
What do you do when you have vegetarians and carnivores, eating together at the same table? "The Flexitarian Table", by Peter Berley, speaks to this and many other scenarios on how to meet friends and loved ones in the middle at a flexible table. This is my review.

Cornmeal Pap Recipe
Cornmeal pap is one of my all time favorite breakfast meals. It's rich & creamy, healthy and filling. My grandma made it for me first and I've been hooked ever since. Although I make mine slightly different than hers, the spirit of it remains in tact. Here's how I do it.

Cranberry Apricot Smokey Glazed Veggie Meatballs
There's something about smoke and glaze that is a welcome combination for all holiday get togethers. Vegetarian meatballs are a wonderful treat anytime of year, but during the holiday season you can really dress them up and not be accused of showing off. Behold... the best guarded meatball tips.

Curried Tofu & Veggies Recipe
It's been said that tofu can be whatever you make it. This is a statement that, thus far, I've found to be true. Discover, in this 3 part process, how to make a curried tofu that's simple, quick, travels well and packs a true punch in the full-bodied flavor department.

Easy Pickled Cabbage Recipe
Pickled cabbage is an awesome side dish, great for spicy and savory dishes and a tasty component to add to pretty much any meaty sandwich. Here’s my easy to make, healthy recipe that’ll deliver massive flavor and bring more life to your meals.

Easy Smoky Red Bean Recipe
Red beans should taste great every time you fix them! Today you're going to learn an easy method of making phenomenal red beans that have a smoky bite to them and a lure that you won't be able to resist.

Easy Vegetarian Whole Pea Soup Recipe
I'm a real fan of peas. I love the texture and the aroma. This series of EASY vegetarian recipes make me feel a little guilty [they're too easy], but this turn key approach packs so much flavor that you may never go back to your old soup making methods again. I mean, why bother?

Eating Healthy on the Cheap
Do you feel the pinch every time you go shopping? How can you set up a vegetarian/vegan diet that's reasonably priced & nutritional while keeping you from feeling like you're being squeezed by 'lefty & thumbs'? Read my Top 10 Tips to Know when Creating an "Eating Healthy on the Cheap" Program

Forbidden Rice Recipe
The atmosphere in our house pleasantly shifted with the aromatic perfume of mellow smokiness and savory flavor. It was after I started cooking the forbidden rice. Our palates were whetted and our interests piqued waiting for our bowl of this new rice to be plated.

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