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May Monthly Events Calendar (09)
A reminder that May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. Don't put off getting your blood pressure checked. It could save your life.

May Quotes for Inspiration and Your Web Page (04)
Looking for an inspirational quote for your home business news letter, or need to add a final touch to the article you are writing? You can find just the right quote at Work & Family.

Meet Shirley Hailstock, Author, Family Woman
Today I chat with Shirley Hailstock writer and author of numerous romance novels. For transparency you should know that I have known Ms. Hailstock (Shirley) since 1998; when I say 'known her' I mean in a way that many fans know their favorite authors.

Men and The Fiber Connnection To Better Health
Not only will an increase of fiber help to prevent hernias, but it will also lead to a lower risk of heart attacks. A health survey of over 40,000 men confirmed fiber´s role in fighting heart disease.

Men, Fiber and Good Health
Men who eat adequate amounts of fiber are less likely to suffer from constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticular disease.

Midlife Crisis at 30 - How the Stakes Have Changed for a New Generation - Book Review
This book is a Godsend for 30 something women who feel out of sync but not quite sure why.

Misconceptions: Truth, Lies, And The Unexpected On The Journey To Motherhood
The Work & Family Book Club is kicked off with a review of this dark book on pregnancy and motherhood. Best-selling author Naomi Wolfe´s stark description of society´s treatment of mothers has readers lining up with "it´s-about-time" cheers on one side and "quit-whining" exasperation on the other.

Mom's Time Out - Bath Night
Your kids know a thing or two about how getting squeaky-clean is a great way to relax. Turn the tables and tell them it's YOUR turn now. Soothe away the stress of the day.

Money Saving Tips and Ideas
When is an advertised bargain a real bargain? When it proves to be one by really saving your hard earned dollars. Get free audio stories for children.

Monthly Events Calendar - April (08)
No Housework Day was mentioned in one of the magazines I picked up at the supermarket. I had never heard of No Housework Day, but I did like the sound of it. After doing some checking I found that it does indeed exist, it occurs every April 7.

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