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Balancing Work And Home Life - Trends In The Battle
Despite an economic slowdown, companies are still struggling to keep good employees. A big part of retention is helping employees balance their personal lives with their professional responsibilities, and that’s creating some new trends to watch.

Bambi - A Review of the Film
This classic children´s movie is spectacular.

Become a Key Person at Work
One of the first things to remember is anyone and everyone can be replaced. A key person is not always the boss or the person who makes the big bucks in your place of business. A key person is the one who is sought out for information that may not be documented or is documented but long lost.

Becoming Successful
On The Job - Becoming successful does not necessarily mean making six figures. It can also mean feeling good about yourself and your job by managing your time and your work space.

Better Networking Skills
Good networking skills are more important than ever. Jobs are scarce, money is tight and people are trying to find income outside of the traditional 9 to 5 arena. Do you combine online social networking with person-to-person networking? How current are your networking skills?

Blind Spot by Stephanie Kane - January Discussion Novel
Join the January book discussion in the Work & Family Forum. Blind Spot by Stephanie Kane was suggested by one of our forum members. It seems to be an excellent choice.

Books for Children
Check out our recommended books.

Bragging Good, Bad or Just Plain Ugly?
On the job or in business it is often necessary to toot your own horn to get ahead. So go on and send the boss a memo and let her know that you have finished that difficult project. Don't downplay your hard work and effort to get the job done.

Breast Cancer Clinical Trials
Link Between Exercise and Breast Cancer Survival to be Explored in New Yale Study. Yale is seeking non-exercising breast cancer survivers.

Brown Edged Lemon Wafer Recipe
There is nothing like those pale browned edged lemon wafers we used to eat as children with tall glasses of milk. Adults will enjoy these same lovely wafers served with tea or a glass of sherry.

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