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Karaoke Revolution - Singing Training
If you think of Karaoke as a bad bar game, think again! With your XBox not only can you have amazing fun with yourself and friends, but you actually learn to be a better singer!

Karaoke Revolution Download List
The beauty of the XBox is that XBox Live lets you download new levels, songs, and games. If you own Karaoke Revolution, you can download new songs for your game!

Karaoke Revolution Song List
If you are looking into buying Karaoke Revolution, here is the full song list for the game.

Kengo Legend of the 9
A fairly simple samurai swordfighting game, Kengo doesn't really have a lot going for it in terms of design or features. Largely devoid of content, Kengo pales in comparison to more fleshed-out members of the genre like Way of the Samurai.

Kinect Adventures Review
We have a ton of games for our XBox 360 Kinect, but it's always Kinect Adventures that we pull out when visitors come over. It's fun and easy to learn.

Kinect Sports
Kinect Sports uses the XBox 360 Kinect video system to let you play a variety of sports games with your full body movement. It is impressively fun with a few minor caveats.

Kinect XBox 360 Motion Camera
The Kinect is Microsoft's answer to the Wii motion controllers and the PS3 Move wand-and-camera based system. With the Kinect there are no controllers at all - YOU are the controller! The Kinect literally reads your body movements.

Kinectimals - XBox Kinect
If you've got a child in your home, definitely take a look at the Kinectimals game for the XBox 360 with Kinect. You get an adorable little cub to play with, train, pet, and enjoy! Plus you get exercise as well.

King of Fighters Maniax
King of Fighters is a classic side scrolling fighting game which has been updated to 3-D glory. Choose from 20 characters for fighting fun.

Kingdom Under Fire : Circle of Doom
A radical departure from the rest of the Kingdom Under Fire series, "Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom" changes the series from a RTS game with some hack-and-slash elements to a pure hack-and-slash.

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