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Scammers Abound in XBox 360 Launch
With every store sold out of the XBox 360 unit, buyers are turning to eBay to get their hands on the unit. But it's critical to be careful in what you do. The scams that are running are incredible!

Secret Weapons Over Normandy
Secret Weapons Over Normandy is a combination of flight simulator and historical recreation of WW2. I had high hopes for this game, but it seems a bit outdated.

Sega Full Auto
Full Auto is a destructive racing game. Your muscle car is well equipped with machine guns - the question is if you can survive the race, not win it! I enjoy the destructability of the world, as well as the rewind button.

Sega Superstar Tennis
Sega Superstar Tennis combines a variety of tennis games with a big mix of mini-games and multiplayer games, set in the variety of worlds in the Sega Universe. It really is quite a lot of fun!

Shellshock Nam '67
If you´re looking for a true immersive experience in combat-ridden Vietnam of the late 60s, this mature title might fit the bill.

Simpsons Hit and Run
Talk about a game that is perfect in just about every day! The Simpsons Hit and Run gives you puzzle games, racing, quests, and an amazingly fun plot!

Singularity - Xbox 360
On paper, "Singularity" is a fairly standard FPS with a quirky physics gimmick. However, the actual game is a little more interesting than that. The game is decent and reasonably fun, but not anything particularly outstanding.

Soul Caliber II
While Soul Caliber II is great on all platforms, the special character and controller layout really make the XBox version the best of the bunch.

Spawn Armageddon - XBox Comic Game
Spawn Armageddon is a mature title for the XBox, based on the comic book character. Regret and hatred is all he is made of now.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy
In this puzzle-adventure set in an Egypt-like location, you switch between two characters. One is Sphinx, a tail-toting teenage guy, and the other is a mummy.

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