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Yoga Class Etiquette
No one wants to end up being “THAT person” – the one who does something inappropriate in a yoga class. For a newcomer, this presents a problem: how does one know the correct etiquette if one doesn’t have experience? Here are a few tips for the newcomer.

A Beginning Yin Sequence to Try Daily
Looking to start a home practice? Here's an easy Yin sequence to try.

A Physical or Spiritual Practice?
Do you practice yoga for its physical benefits or for its spiritual ones? How do you regard people who have the other opinion? An editorial for divided times.

A Root Chakra Practice
Feeling ungrounded and spacy? Try this customizable practice to balance your root chakra (Muladhara)

A Sequence for Neck and Shoulders
During the holiday season, it’s tough to stick to an ongoing routine. As a consequence, our bodies tighten up. Fight neck tension with this sequence.

A Stress Relief Home Sequence
Sometimes you need to move with the stress to release it. Here’s a practice to help you do that.

A Yoga Sequence for Abs
Crunches only work a small part of the core. Here’s a yoga sequence that focuses on the entire torso.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)
Downward Facing Dog Pose, called Adho Mukha Svanasana in Sanskrit, is one of the most basic yoga poses. Here are some cues for getting into the pose, as well as tips on how to use a variation at work.

Yoga evolved for the purpose of creating union, but what exactly does that mean? The concept of advaita can help us to understand the world in a different way.

Ajna Chakra
This is the chakra of connection: from the physical to the spiritual, from one person to another, from the individual to the rest of the world.

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