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Often translated as “chastity”, brahmacharya involves much more than just our thinking about intimacy.

Buying a Yoga Mat
Thinking of purchasing your own mat? Here are some pointers to use when before deciding on a particular choice.

Buying Yoga Pants
What to wear to a yoga class? It's a good bet that yoga pants or tights will be one of the items. Here is a run-down on wear to shop to find offerings for a range of budgets and figures - for both men and women.

Caring for Your Yoga Mat
Your mat is like an extension of your body. Take care of it!

Chair Pose Vinyasa
This vinyasa can be used as a warm-up or a strengthener on its own. The breathwork provides a pranayamic boost as well.

Choosing a Class Level
Studios offer many classes each week. Which one is right for you?

Cobra, Sphinx, and Seal Poses
These asana will help to open your chest and throat and access Vishuddhi chakra or several meridian lines in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Cobra is an essential part of Sun Salutations, while Sphinx and Seal are integral Yin poses.

Demystifying Meditation
There are many ways to meditate, and many traditions to draw upon. But what exactly is meditation? This article attempts to demystify the practice.

Dharma Mittra
Chances are that Mittra’s famous artwork is hung prominently at your local yoga studio, but this is not his only contribution to the community.

Equal Breathing, or Sama Vritti (Samastithihi)
Equal breathing is a foundational technique useful to both new and seasoned yogis and yoginis.

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