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Introduction to Kirtan
Kirtan sessions are great ways to experience meditation. They are also a way to celebrate the greater yoga community.

Introduction to the Chakras
The chakras, or energy centers of Ayurvedic medicine, are increasingly being verified by modern medicine. These seven energy centers help to regulate the endocrine system and thus improve mental and physical health.

Introduction to the Koshas
Yogic philosophy gives us a map of what it means to 'get out of our head' and integrate mind, body, and spirit.

Introduction to the Niyamas
The niyamas are the inward attributes suggested by Patanjali as the foundation of the yogic path. Similar to the Ten Commandments in their structure, they can be best understood as ideals to start us moving towards union -- a path that ironically fluctuates between the inner and outer worlds.

Introduction to the Yamas
Yoga is more than asana. Knowing yogic philosophy can help to integrate one's physical practice into other areas of one's life. The yamas are a good place to start.

Introduction to the Yoga Vayus
The vayus, or winds, are subdivisions of prana, or the life force in the body. This article gives a brief overview of the vayus and how to experience them for oneself.

Is Yoga Teacher Training for You?
Should you enroll in a yoga teacher training? It's important to be clear about one's reasons for doing so before one begins.

Iyengar Yoga
All yoga students owe a debt to both Iyengar the man and Iyengar yoga. This style isn't for everyone all the time, but even small doses can make a difference in your lifetime yoga diet.

Janu Sirsasana
This pose is deceptively simple. Be careful and pay attention to your form so that you don’t injure yourself.

Kapalabhati Breath is Not for Beginners!
Yoga is NOT a quick fix. Taking practices out of context can be dangerous. Kapalabhati breath has been touted as a universal panacea, but it is not for new or casual practitioners.

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