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Practice with a Chair
Thesse asana can easily be done in your office, so you can take a break from working at the desk!

PrAna Clothing and Accessories
looking for eco-conscious and stylish yoga wear? PrAna's clothing is as inspiring as its ethics.

Prana Heart, an Online Store
Looking for a new mala? Or perhaps a stone bracelet? Prana Heart offers beautiful merch at reasonable prices.

Pranayama and the Nervous System
Breath is intimately connected to movement in yoga. Do you know the science behind the exercises?

What does it mean to be “in the world, but not of it”? The fifth limb of yoga, pratyahara, invites us to find out!

Private Yoga Sessions
Are privates worth the cost? Yes, if you're willing to find a teacher that meets your financial requirements.

Reaching Out to the Yoga Community
Reaching out to the larger yoga community can deepen one's practice immeasurably.

Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga is a very different from an active practice.

Retox Review
Newcomers to yoga will enjoy Imparato's high-energy vibe and common sense principles. This book illustrates a no-nonsense way to incorporate yogic principles, meditation, and good nutrition into one's daily life.

Review of Mantras Made Easy
Published in 2017, this book is meant to demystify the use of mantra in meditation, and to open the practice to those of all religions and spiritualities. Does this approach work?

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