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Tall, Dark and Dangerous

Hello, and welcome back. I hope the weather is as beautiful where you are as it has been here lately. Except for some reason, that means less reading time. Could it be the weeds popping up everywhere, and the grass growing as fast as those weeds? But with all the great new romances coming up, be sure to keep some time for you to sit down and enjoy a truly wonderful book.

First up this week is Jacqueline Navin´s Meet Me at Midnight
Meet Me at Midnight
(Jove Historical). Raphael Giscard, half English, half French Viscount Fontvilliers is one of those tortured heroes you just want to have for yourself. Dark and dangerous, and unbelievably sexy. He cares for no one, not even himself, and sets out to prove to his mates that love is not real. The innocent he plans to seduce away from her soon-to-be-fiance is Julia Brodie, proper, well-behaved and completely unaware of his plans. But Raphael gets in a bit over his head, telling lies and half-lies and involving not only his friends but Julia´s sister in his scheme. And when things blow up in his face--and Julia learns the truth--the two must wed. But can he win back the affections of his new bride? Raphael is wonderful, and Julia is no boring little miss either. I´m giving this one four of Cupid´s five arrows.

The second book I read this week is Hero for Hire
Hero for Hire
by Sheridon Smythe (Jove´s Seduction Line). Mackenzy Cord is off on his last trek as a bounty hunter, and this time, the quarry is his best friend Savannah Carrington, and the bounty is her hand in marriage. Mac and Savannah have been friends forever, but she doesn´t know he´s in love with her. On their meandering journey across the countryside chasing a bad guy, he tries to show her. And tell her. But Savannah´s not listening. Which is a bit aggravating after a while. Good thing Mac is patient. I really liked Mac but wasn´t as wild about Savannah. This one earns three arrows.

I´ve got two great books lined up for next week´s article, and wanted to let you all know we´re working out a few last bugs in the new forums. It won´t be long before they´re ready for visitors and I´ll be sure to let you all know as soon as they are. It might be a little longer, though, until the chat rooms are ready, but it will be worth the wait, I promise.

Until next week, happy reading!