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Kitchen Witchery, What is it?

What is Kitchen Witchery? The sight that you might see in your mind’s eye is the green-faced woman in the black pointed hat stirring the cauldron adding eyes of frogs and hair of bats. As the cauldron bubbles and the woman has added the last of her ingredients a poof of smoke rises from the cauldron and …… Well you get the idea…
Kitchen Witchery could have looked like that back when it first began but now it is different. It is the use of every day things that you have in your kitchen that you use to prepare the food for your family and friends.
Kitchen witches have been around for a long time. They are the women who cooked on the fires of home and set the soup on the hearthstone to cool. She baked pies and put them out to cool on the stoop. If someone hurt themselves they would be there with their herbs and knowledge to patch them up and send on their way.
Kitchen Witchery can be incorporated into any Pagan tradition. Anyone practicing magick can use this to help them out just as one can use spells.
To use Kitchen Witchery you do not have to be a Wiccan or a practioner of magick no matter what tradition you might be a part of you just have to be open minded enough to believe in it. You will have to put away the misconceptions you might have of witchcraft, Wicca and Pagans. You can mix your culinary arts with your alchemy. This is a great balance of Magick and good food. Some of the most common spices and herbs in a Kitchen Witch’s cupboard are:

· Apples- this is a fruit that enhances problem solving.

· Basil – This herb is good for attracting money if a bit is placed in
your pocket.

· Caraway – An herb of hospitality and an herb of protection against
evil spells. When something has caraway seeds in it the item
cannot be stolen.

· Chamomile- this herb relaxes the mind and promotes calmness

· Cinnamon – it aids in creative works

· Cloves – is for protection and also is a numbing agent

· Coriander –this herb of love and will bind 2 people together

· Fennel – this herb gives a person courage and long life.

· Garlic – this inspires courage and protects against evil.

· Ginger – promotes warmth and zeal.

· Marjoram-this helps with concentration and memory.

· Mint- decreases negativity.

· Nutmeg – used to draw money and help your business

· Rosemary – used to prevent nightmares when placed under the pillow of
the one having them.

· Sage- is a scared herb. It is burnt and the smoke blesses and cleanses
the house and promotes calmness.

· Thyme- lifts spirits. If it is hung over the bed of a person with
nightmares it will help stop them.

· Vanilla- increases job prospects and energy.

(As with any type of cooking make sure that you find out if the people you are cooking for are allergic to anything you are using.)

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