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Hair Dream Symbols

Throughout history, in nearly every culture around the world, hair has played an important part in expressing not only beauty, but cultural status as well.

Hair is an important part of how we desire to be seen by others, and express ourselves. In fact, just about any chemical alteration can be done to satisfy the need to change how our hair looks, from length and color, to texture and hair restoration; for the right price you can have the hair of your dreams.

Hair generally represents how we want to be seen by others. Itís a symbol of attractiveness, and so may be directly related to self-esteem issues.

Are you losing hair, or getting more?
Hair loss in a dream could mean that you feel you are losing power. If you are suddenly growing hair, it may represent getting more power.

Did your hair change color?
Blondes have more fun, brunettes are super smart, and redheads are sexy. Your dream hair color could be saying something about what you want to express. Do you feel you need to have a little more fun? Maybe your dream hair color was not your average hair color, but a bright purple or green. These types of colors tend to be used by people who want to stand out a bit from the norm. Do you feel you want to stand out a bit?

Is your hair short or long?
Once upon a time, women all wore their hair long. In the 1920s though, women wanted to express themselves, and take back some of their power, so they cut their hair! Now days, any hair length is acceptable and beautiful.

Short hair can represent playfulness, enthusiasm, and being adventurous. However if it was cut against your will, it may represent a loss of power.

Long hair usually represents sophistication and sensuality. However, if you suddenly grew long hair (or got hair extensions) it may represent needing a boost in your self esteem, and how you feel about presenting yourself to the world.

Curly or straight? (the grass is always greener)
People with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair! Now, thanks to modern science, this isnít as much of an issue as it used to be, but itís still an issue of wanting something we donít have, and not being happy with what we do have! Sometimes we need to know when itís okay to change, or when we should accept things as they are and try to work with it the best that we can.

Fake Hair
With such beautiful wigs and hair extensions available, itís so easy to have the hair you want, even if your own hair (or lack thereof) falls short. However this is not your own hair Ė itís not naturally a part of you. Itís something you are adding to yourself, so to dream of wigs or hair extensions may represent that you believe you need to add something to yourself to be whole.

When dreaming of hair, ask yourself if you are happy with your dream hair, and is it different from your real life hair? Is there something you can do to change the situation, or should you work with it? Is someone draining your power or is it time to tap into that innate power with yourself?

Hair, no matter the shade or texture, holds a lot of personal power. Dreaming of hair is a reminder that our true power lies within us. How we look to the world isnít as important as we think because others will only see what they want to see. But when we present our authentic self with love and strength, we show something to the world that the most beautiful of hairstyles could never convey.

Deanna talks a bit about hair dreams.

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