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Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is an important holiday to celebrate because itís about taking care of the earth which is the environment we live in. There is only one Earth and we have not done our best to care for her in the past. We need to change that because we have slowly altered the balance that must be maintained in nature. We hear a lot about climate change, although I am not sure how much of that is real or how much is political. The imbalance we have created could be the reason we are experiencing severe droughts and the super storms of the past few years. Perhaps nature is trying to restore the natural balance the Earth needs to survive. Whether or not climate change is real is not really the issue. The damage the industrial nations have done to the earth is real and very apparent. What we have to decide is what we are going to do to improve our present situation.

Here are 10 things you can do or change in your life that will make an overall impact on you and our planet.

1) Take a walk or bike in a natural setting, park or wilderness trail. Take the time and enjoy what nature has to offer. Not only is it good for the environment but it is a great stress reducer. The more we are in touch with nature the more apt we are to be concerned about its survival.

2) Unplug any appliance that you are not using on a daily basis. Just being plugged in uses energy that is better used elsewhere. Many appliances hold residual electrical charges and draw small amounts of electricity continually whether in use or not.

3) Plant a garden or a tree. Help renew the area around you. The first thing people do when they purchase property is to cut all the trees down to build a house. Most do eventually plant a few trees back but not nearly as many as they take out. Plants use carbon dioxide and exhale life giving oxygen for us to breath. They should be an important part of our landscape.

4) Support your local organic farmers; eat lots of fresh pesticide free vegetables and fruits. It will decrease the need for pesticides that later contaminate our watersheds and lakes.

5) Eliminate all processed foods from your kitchen. The packaging alone causes an enormous amount of trash that goes into our landfills and garbage dumps. By eliminating them from our grocery list we not only will get healthier but it will take an enormous burden off of the planet.

6) Stop drinking water that is bottled in plastic. Plastic bottles take many years to begin to break down becoming a significant burden on the earth. Use glass bottles if you want to carry water with you.

7) Recycle plastic, glass and paper products so we donít have to keep making more. This creates an unsustainable cycle; there isnít an endless supply of materials on earth. Some materials take thousands of years to create but it only takes us a few minutes to use it up.

8) Make a difference with your wallet! Manufactures produce only what they can sell, if the product or packaging is not environmentally friendly do not buy it. Support only companies that reflect a concern for the environment and do not exploit it.

9) The use of paper plates, paper napkins or plastic ware that we receive from the carryout restaurants places an additional burden on our landfills. Make a deliberate effort to eat in instead of takeout as often as you can. You will enjoy the meal more when you take the time to eat it slowly than when you eat on the run.

10) Start a car pool within your neighborhood, when taking the kids to school or to after school activities. By using one car instead of many it will not only save you money but limit the use of gasoline and the carbon emissions that are expelled in the air.

All of the ideas listed above can make a significant difference if we continue to do them throughout the year instead of just on Earth Day. We should implement them into our lives so that we can make a continuous effort to scale back on the pollution we cause as individuals and communities. I encourage you to spread the word and incorporate these changes into your everyday lives.

If you want more helpful tips and information on how to live sustainable or more naturally check out the other articles on our Natural Living site.

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