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Clairvoyance a natural state of being

Hello to all those interested in Clairvoyance, Second Sight, Shining, Seeing, Empathic Sensations or whatever your favorite flavor of terminology is for you. Personally,I like “The other side of self” for a general category and until I can come up with something better. Why there are but fragmented amounts of genuine information regarding that part of us which does in fact make us the most human part of us human is troublesome. I should think that at the very least, being aware of and not just knowing the pieces composing our “vehicle” would be honored and accepted, as naturally as say a talented baseball player and his right arm or the cook with that sense of taste as well as celebrated and studied.

For myself, my own experiences have come to me in increments or stations throughout my life (my feeling, as not to overwhelm the spirit or the mind). Sometimes clairvoyant episodes are laid out gently and sparse, at other times in magnitudes difficult to bare let alone go to work the next day. In whichever manner they do come, all and all this allows me to apply what I can and at the same time develop a precision of the most necessary skills in which to despense what I am able to receive clairvoyantly. As with anything you find you are good at: patience, control, and an abiding sense of service and love for fellow persons is always a big plus in matters of this nature.

Clairvoyance, like anything comes with its positives and negatives. There is the natural and wonderful sensation of awareness that for obvious reasons comes along with this territory. However it can be taxing physically in being able to handle the information received and balancing this with your daily activities in business and or family/friends. You may feel a tragic accident the night before, yet still have a presentation to make the next day. You may know someone close to you (best friend, family member) or not at all whom you will feel or "see" being physically affected by another and is about to venture into an emotional upheaval. But there may be very little you can do if they are not interested in hearing this. None the less, as a clairvoyant, you are going to feel many things more than once. To help with this what you can do is detach yourself from the feeling of obligation in offering unsolicited information. Try to let go of what you can, and what you can't....Sit on it for a day or so. If the information is pertenent it usually will not go away or will become more detailed and intensify in nature.

Clairvoyance, I’ve found can be as complicated or simplistic as you make it. It is real and a part of us all. It is as natural as allergies and flatulence and just as unexpected. If you are interested in clairvoyance or think you may be clairvoyant, try addressing these issues within yourself first before running to the nearest bookstore to look up everything you can find on “How to be Psychic.” This will give you a personal and confident direction to begin with.

In later articles to come, I will introduce the walk of spiritual unfolding in which all of us has and should reflect on in this life. Spirituality is closely related to that of Clairvoyance and is the process of knowing the true nature in all of us. One can start a spiritual walk with unification of this life and not be religious in any way. It is good to be a skeptic for where there is doubt there are questions! Where there are questions there is growth. What it does take to gain a deeper understanding of our true selves within is a desire to obtain that which we as humans have always set limits to.

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