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Enhancing Your Clairvoyant Abilities

One of my first rules of thumb as a clairvoyant is, “Nothing is as it appears! Not ever!” If you have seen it, it was already in process before you got there. If you think about it afterwards, it has past. It has then already been altered in perception and present circumstance alone. If you worry but for what tomorrow will bring from it, then you’ve altered not only what you have seen, but also the essence in which you live. What our eyes see, simply put, are patterns of vibrating energy. Clairvoyants use this energy, but differently. Being open to this understanding can help in balancing the 5 (which some would call primary) senses with those of a finer tuned sense, such as that of intuition and others of this family, commonly refered to as sixth sense. In broadening this understanding, we can see just how sensational the human being really is. In understanding our species as unlimited by nature, which is what we are, we are just beginning to see and understand just what human spirit is capable of.

Intuition and psychic ability are only a portion of what we have to offer each other and our healing living planet, which we ALL are apart of. Again, the responsibility is in the user – the quality of the person using it. A person with haste may have poor body language, etc. The same rules apply here in discussion of clairvoyance. With patience, balance and appreciation of all things and of course practice we are capable of combining mind, body and spirit. Although you may have read of some whom were naturally gifted with such abilities, they too had work in meditation/control and enhancing as necessary for what it is/was they had chosen to do in life.

I have learned to look at it like a newspaper. Get to the section you are searching for and set the others aside for later. There is so much information. Keep the clutter to a minimum. Focus only on what you are currently in need of. You can always progress to the other sections. For now begin with balance of the self.

Find a place you can go, not to be interrupted for at least 5-15 min. each day. If not, then select one day a week or evening. This can be difficult if you have children. You may want to wait until everyone is in bed for that matter…it works! Lay or sit comfortably, surround yourself with a mental image of white light and some soft meditation music, pillows, candles, etc. anything to ground yourself. I usually start with a prayer and relaxation breathing (Breath in slowly to the count of 10 and exhale to the count of 10). Provide a mental image of a white screen. Let yourself relax. Completely float away (Do not do this in a moving vehicle but of your own…that was a clairvoyant joke). You should start to see images here and there. Vivid dreaming may also be expected.

Start writing down what it is you see. It could be a sentence, an old photo, a friend, a pet that has passed away, a certain kind of flower, a field, etc. Start a journal. See if there is anything familiar your waking/daily life. Before you know it, you will understand what to throw out and what to focus on (be it just mental garbage from a busy day or something more substantial. For the purpose of fine-tuning intuitive abilities you would want to focus on the more important images.

E. K. Downey
Clairvoyance Editor

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