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Clairvoyance and Everyday Living

Nostradamous, Edgar Cayce and Prophets of the Bible are among the names of visionaries that are well known in conversation and acquainted within research.

Clairvoyance, in an essence is by and in itself, you - your spiritual self! Connected to just about everything and anything, just the same, it should be respected, very much so. The most frequently asked question I receive is almost a statement, "So, you're clairvoyant…what am I thinking?"

Maybe, I could tell you what you were thinking, but it would take time and my own personal energy to retrieve this.

First, there is detaching from the physical and connecting with you through your own energies, then processing the channel of mental thought. From here there would be translation of imagery or clairaudience (hearing thoughts or telepathy) possibly both. At times clairsentience is experienced (feeling of a past action). That would be one of the more taxing events on the self. Especially, should someone have done something "physically" undesirable.

The point here is that clairvoyance is a mentally energized ability, accessible by all, utilized and specialized in the direction, again, by spiritual choice. I can not stress enough, grounding and centering of the self is essential if you are interested in expanding your own abilities.

Clairvoyance can be helpful and it can be taxing. The decision will be mostly up to you and the positions you put yourself in. There are however times when the positions may pick you.

If you are just starting out, there is an exercise you can do with a partner who is willing to work with you. It is very simple:

Clear a room so you may move around with ease. Both people sit quietly, eyes closed, and meditate for 5-10 min. with the breathing exercise (10 seconds breathing in, 10 seconds breathing out, breathing in and out slowly and steadily). Concentrate upon the point between the eyebrows, this area is known as the inner eye or the sixth chakra of the spirit, which will be introduced another time. One of you is blindfolded and turned around as to disorient the dimensions of the room itself. The other will remain in the room but will send only thought images as to where they are (no peeking). The other will at first reach their hand out trying to find you. The object here will be complete cooperation from your partner in sending thought images. The person who is blindfolded will rely on nothing but "feeling" internally where you are through images and perception of vibration. You will be surprised how this works. For this exercise to be a success, remember the object is not for them NOT to find you, but for you to aid them through means other than our 5 senses to find you.

When doing this exercise or any other spiritual exercises, it is important to remember that what ever manifests itself be it clairvoyance, clairaudience, or any other form of
spiritual unfolding, that it is all from the same source, the source is the giver, you are merely the instrument. Like a stringed instrument, a violin produces one sound and guitar produces another entirely different sound. They both vibrate to produce the desired effect they were created for.

So, some may gain or specialize in the gift of foresight, while others may have the gift of
Mediumship. Both entirely different gifts. However, both rely on the same source, (vibration) tune, and energy.

Like precision in a quartet, you will find in which area you are most talented.


E. K. Downey
Clairvoyance Editor

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