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Earth - Did They Say Third Planet On My Left Or Right ?

"Not my will but Thine, O lord, be done in and through me. Let me ever be a channel of blessings, today, now, to those that I contact, in every way. Let my going in, mine comings out, be in accord with that Thou would have me do, and as the call come, 'Here am I, send me-use me!'"
Edgar Cayce

I believe there has not been a single day in my years, where I would say clairvoyance has been a channel in which the answers to life's most difficult issues were answered. In fact for many of my years I have found, more, the opposite to be true.

In looking back I feel from day one of our entrance into this physical plane, most of life's issues have already been addressed, directed and instilled within the very processing of our person, but we forget.

For the most part, each of us arrives in the exact manner. In what else of our lives could we say this of? With this much consistency I am certain this would be more than just coincidence. I know I did not pull this off on my own, therefore another had a hand (at least) in my creation. From the moment I am born I am thinking I experience change, struggle, challenge, and transition.

Therefore, my belief is we are all connected and share a unity in which we can and probably should utilize.

I remember as a child having the experience or dream as some might say of being taken to an infinite "space". It was in color and resembled what you would see if you were in an airplane - nothing but light and blue sky coloring around me. I knew I could explore this experience, but felt it more important to stay put, as if it were a waiting area of some kind. Although I had never experienced anything like what I was seeing it was comfortable, I would say, all the same. In moments, a light haze in not too far a distance appeared and a sensation of what I would call divine and all loving wholeness overwhelmed me. What I saw was a being (I grew up Catholic) which resembled the image of Jesus. His hair was long, flowing and brown. Although I sensed I was standing upright He was horizontal in his stature. His gown was white. His right arm/hand was reaching out and I wanted so much to engulf myself in this radiance of love (I have seen, nor sensed anything of this magnitude physically here on Earth). I remember reaching my own hand out to his (it was my right hand as well) as he smiled and waited. He never allowed our fingers to touch. The distance between the two seemed what may be considered that of the slenderness of a dime. His lips never moved, but it was understood I must go back. In desperation I sent my heart, as in pleading to stay. I was to understand, had I touched His hand I would no longer be where I was, even though we were in what seemed to be the same area. I had to go back! He never once stopped smiling and I never once stopped reaching.

Within moments I felt what would resemble being dropped from 3-4 ft. mid-air to my bed. I jolted awake, sat upright and cried straight for 3 hours. Even though I knew I had experienced and never would experience that kind of Oneness again, I prayed to experience again what I did just one more time. It never happened. What I did take with me from that experience is what I could, in that this is the kind of love we came from and will return to.

Today, I notice almost in actuality the necessity to hold a mirror and walk backward in order to make peaceful sense of much life. It is at the same time both humorous and awkward to say the least in wondering if maybe I missed the target but hit the tree, so-to-speak in just being. When I keep up with the physical mainstream, more often that not, I mess up.

Each day consists of how I will handle a situation. Will it be what I feel or what I already know in my head as a consistent? It's easier just to do what I know in my head to "work" with my props (life physical images and situations).

I believe we are all clairvoyants but it should not be the focus of our purpose. In attempting clairvoyance, I see many putting the cart before the horse. A more effective way of interpreting this sense is to start right from where you are sitting. Look at everything around you and pretend it is someone else's home or office. Down to the bunny or snowman on your monitor. Notice a difference? If there is a positive compulsion, act on it i.e. making a phone call, sending an email, throwing something out (as long as it's legalůmaybe just ask for permission if it's somebody else's). Change channels and go back to understanding what your personal interpretation of your surroundings are and sit with that. Go back and forth until you can feel your surroundings in general with your eyes and see your surrounding with your feelings.
E. K. Kerrick

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