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Clairvoyance and the World of Dreams

Clairvoyance and Dreaming

For individuals seeking clairvoyant and psychic information, I stress for each there is a positive and a negative. Be wary of information found haphazardly through expensive or "power-ego" centered modules. In my own search I have found much of both. There is much money to be made if one were to prey on emotions which have not had proper healing time within the being by their own ability. We can be made to feel terribly overwhelmed with unexpected events and emotions. More than we think possible at times (which is why I suggest 3 weeks to 3 months before seeking readings involving loved ones and/or tragedies, if possible, or for a second reading). Personally, I feel Greta Alexander was a wonderful individual. Unfortunately, she is not here with us physically anymore. It makes sense though. I think people are willing to spend a lot of $$ when dealing with the desire for instant or information difficult for the understanding. I feel desperation plays a part in hasty decision making and one can be mislead as well. However, there are other ways!

Recently, a show had caught my attention one evening. Detectives were turning to clairvoyants and psychics in which they had very little to no leads at all in certain cases. It was interesting to find they felt within the next 25 years Psychics and Clairvoyants would be more widely accepted and used just as any other tool would be in solving a case (think of it as plasmatic DNA ). However, if you are serious about understanding the ability for your own being, most of what you will find to be true will be within yourself. What and how you experience it and the will of moderation and reverence of such abilities can determine accuracy.

A lot of information comes through dreaming cycles. Both, short and long clips I've found are tremendously helpful. Spiritual guides are available as well, especially during a dreaming or trance like state. Depending on what information is requested or needed by the individual sets the stage for the experience an individual may have. I find dreams containing start to finish story lines are the more spiritual dreams - aiding in decision making for the troubled heart or soul.

Others containing various odd images, to me, are more of a worry/stress, tension dream. Think of these as "The Cleaning of the Mental Closet" if you will. I have had some contact with entities through dreaming states, and upon just waking from such. Honestly I've found many personalities. As you would find on a busy street, restaurant or grocery store so would you in this state of consciousness. Our "doorways" or entries for these entities, for them, appear much like a light bulb to those persons available with such abilities (what can be seen so-to-speak, from where they are). It is our will to put an "out to lunch - leave me alone" kind of mental thought image out there or an "I'm open for business, here's our menu for the day." This was hard for me to understand. But I found it to work for the experiences I was not interested in exploring.

I have an Indian guide. I've known this but not ever seen this guide. I've never asked, (rules,are for everyone's interpretation I suppose.). My situation was of financial ruin. I had lost my job and my husband had lost his job, both due to layoffs. In a dream I had, I was hanging onto a garbage truck. I could feel everything. The cold, the rust of the truck, the wind, the cramping of my fingers, you name it.... I was about to let go when inside the garbage truck was an Indian guide sitting cross-legged. His hair was black and long and he was sad for me. He showed, telepathically, how to let pain, tragedy, human mistakes, etc. pass through me like the wind. I found the strength to hang on to the garbage truck. I had no shoes. As the wind became stronger, the pain left my body, my mind and my spirit. The wind was so strong I blew away from the garbage truck just as it was pulling into a large mall like structure (where you could buy all necessities). He laughed heartily and said, " where you goin' (Chippiwah)?" I can't remember his Indian name for me, but I knew he was my guide and I had been taught a great lesson.

E.K. Downey
Clairvoyance Editor

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