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Types of Magnetism

Have you ever caught yourself wondering whether or not some people are just born lucky while others seem to be fighting some strange force of nature? Is a positive attitude all it takes or is there possibly more to it?

I always hear about babies being born happy, born angry and those that never cry. It should have dawned on me, that a child trying to blaze through their crib instead of up and over, in the future, goes to stand a great deal of challenges! But, how many babies can say they’ve broken out of jail, successfully and that early in life?

Catholic grade school, after being told only the popular crowd tries out for cheerleading, I decided, after thinking about it, to finally go ahead and try it anyway. I wanted to learn how to flip! After making it all the way to finals, as fate or genetics would have it, my knee dislocated during a simple stretching exercise.

On my wedding day, a bottle of champagne was handed to me by an airline attendant. She tucked it into my backpack which not only tied at the top but secured with a leather flap that buckled down over it. Each step I took, nudged the bottle just a little closer to a tiny crevice in the side that would eventually have it explode in the main corridor of the airport. With the acoustics people all around me were running for cover calling for security!

This past Christmas? A person can actually slice their foot while making a world famous apple pie! Not with glass, way too easy. But, with the help of an Ant artic icicle frozen solid to an ice cube tray, now we’re talkin’! And these events won't even get you out of this zip code.

Some people call it luck or lack of. Some call it uncoordinated or awkward among various other terms, but when thing happen over and over, that in a million years, you’d have better luck at winning the lotto than duplicating. There’s more to it than that.

Have you ever known someone that animals and children are instinctively drawn to, yet personally they're not really fond of either of them? Or, someone who’s never grown a thing in their lives but somehow knows just what a plant needs? Take yet another person who wants nothing more than plants growing everywhere around them but can stymie a fern by just looking at it. Personal magnetism!

Personal magnetism isn’t positive or negative, it’s more of a “being” type energy. There are several types of magnetism, the tricky part is determining which type of magnetism you have and use it to your advantage!

People who have a "Murphy’s Law" type of magnetism have a tendency to play on its negative side, making light of themselves. This is crucial because this type of magnetism is much like a tornado or good rain storm. It is intended to stir things up, shaking an entertaining ground. Thus, these individuals are often going to be called to be leaders of sorts.

People who tend to attract things they’re not particularly fond of, those individuals will truly be problem solvers, able to reach all types of individuals and situations and quite the extensive success, naturally, if they’ll just let go of control.

Ironically, the people whom it may seem having everything within their grasp, well, they are equally important in a functioning fashion. However, often these people can become caught in a mainstream of having things their way. They can be insecure by nature but have know how, an intellect as to how to bring things about in their favor.

Whatever magnetism you are, each has a role and part every bit as important as the others. But if you’re feeling there may be a bit more to your karmic makeup,at least in this person's opinion, you’re probably right!

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