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Clairvoyance and Human Identity

From human experiences, to emotions of betrayal, sorrow and confusion; our identities are both advanced and demoted through the inlays from which the spirit is self-expounded. Even in its most negative state, our lower-self, soul, spirit, etc., encased in body and functioning by mind and body,is in fact advancing. Though it may not appear that way we are pursued by the unfamiliar to a familiar of temporary existance.

In all walkways of life, none of human kind, energy, or spirit is exempt from the karmic/spiritual purposes for which such things exist and prevail. In short, we are an art interpretation of an ever-loving tapestry sewn by infinite Unknown predicaments, persons, healers and Authors unknown.

There are things, which hinder our natural ability to exist peacefully, and knowledgeably - preventing or slowing the transformational spiritual growth process. I like to call it, “Staying too long at the party” Or “Passing the Torch.” Without our true identities, which lie the ability to see ones self clearly without bias, we can become miserable by continuing an ineffective situation too long (staying at the party) or holding on to something we have outgrown which might serve another person or purpose somewhere else (passing the torch).

Clairvoyance is one of our many resources which offer the necessary ability to co-exist personally in a world vastly exceeding its spirituality, via. technologically, politics, and other physical barriers which can confuse the messages coming through virtually 24/7 from which we are guided. It comes with only the task of interpretation, as combining the mind and body with this information can appear as if it goes against everything we physically see and hear in our daily living. Commonly known as fear, habit or discomfort.

Our abilities are within, always. Our words, actions, worries, jobs, and finances can and often do scramble the waves of universal intimacy from which all things elevate and eventually translate into the knowledge, which we seek. The further we allow for our elevation, the stronger our abilities become.

As an example: Pick a safe day to try this. Go about your day as you would normally. Plug your ears with anything from tissue to the invisible earplugs you can purchase at a drug store. Under no circumstances (unless safety is a concern – watching small children, driving, etc.) remove these ear plugs.

If you carry this out to its fullest (down to going to sleep at night) you may notice, through different means that your senses or awareness of your surrounding will travel through that of another channel. You may fidget or not even be able to sleep. You may feel a panicky sensation or your ears just plain ol’ get sore. The point of this exercise is, you will have to rely on some other means of communicating ( intaking and delivering) messages, minus just ONE aspect of your physical body as well as and release fear that what you did feel, may not have been what you would have comprehended, had you enabled your ears. The body with which we depend and assume, is not our only true nor efficient means of travel on this plane, rather the enabler through which we enhance our tickets for the ride.

Blessing to each and Thank you for everyone who has spoken with me personally and professionally!

Clairvoyance Editor

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