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The Calling

Have you ever seen the movie, ďThe Terminator?Ē Itís a futuristic movie, staring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton about a robot (Schwarzenegger) programmed and sent to Earth to destroy the one woman (Sarah Connor) who has the potential to save the world through her son, John, who has yet to be conceived. By her own admission, she hasn't even the ability to balance her checkbook, let alone realize her capacity to impact the future in the millennium to come.

For some people, many of them early in life, there's a "calling" a feeling that's been with them, since they can remember. It's different and stands apart from all of the other feelings and people around them. It seems to come invisibly and at the strangest times, pressing the understanding of there being a bigger picture.

Feelings such as these aren't uncommon for sensitive people. Without realizing it, they are feeling the bigger picture, even if they're not seeing it in its entirety. And, much like the character, Sarah Connor, often they can find themselves questioning not only their abilities, but their significance regarding what they feel, finding themselves overwhelmed at even the thought of what it is they should be doing about it.

Many of these people find themselves trying to ignore these feelings. However, it's a matter of time before that anchor of self-realization reattaches itself tugging away at their Soul, almost like a pivotal part of a dream they're trying desperately to remember.

Understandably, for many of us who happen to be Visionaries, itís simply uncomfortable not having the luxury of many touchstones clearing a beaten pathway. And, it's often the inner conflict of self-doubt that can leave us feeling forlorn at times, asking the rhetorical question, "Why me?"

Rare individuals often face this type of venture. But, a Soul, though it may feel out of its element, isnít void the tools necessary to place them precisely where they need to be, if only they'll just stop self-torturing themselves long enough to connect the dots.

Of these tools, and highly self-evident is timing! For these people it carries with it an almost uncanny edge. The effects of just how, exactly, things line up for them has an almost dizzying effect. Chains of events, they couldn't duplicate even if their lives depended on it. The trick is, not to discount them. Those are precisely the guideposts, telling you you're on the right track and often presenting you with exactly what you need to go forward with next!

When we're ready of course, one of the most self-empowering things we can do is face that person in the mirror. With stated acknowledgement, affirm they are in fact different and it's nothing to be ashamed of. So much energy is often wasted, pretending, whether it's trying to be more like everyone else, like the leopard trying to pass themselves off as a zebra, or numbing in isolation. Were we to stop and realize just how much of our lives is effected by even one decision good or bad, it might come to light what a slew of them acting against the purity of our nature would manifest?

Although it might seem frivolous with all of the demands placed on us at home and at work, envision a place, a destination we were meant to be. How different would our lives be? With that one slight turn of perspective, we've unlocked the door allowing the Universe to act even more on our behalf answering the caller so desperate to get in touch with us.

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