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Time Management and Effective Meetings

Good Time Management and Effective Meetings are directly related to success and happiness in both your work and social life. This self development article reveals some tips on how to gain more time with a little lateral thinking and by taking a different approach.

Time Management and Effective Meetings
How does this affect your overall success and happiness?

Meetings take up a significant proportion of your time. By 'meetings' I do not just mean meetings related to work but all the meetings you might have - social, business, family, etc. They happen throughout your day stripping you of time. Time is your most valuable asset and you can never regain lost time.

Research has shown that if you are skilled at using your waking hours effectively, you are more successful work-wise and socially. The main reason for this is that if you are in control of your time, you can build into your work, business and/or social diary, time for dealing with the unexpected. And it is the distractions, interruptions and unforeseen events that pop up unexpectedly that tend to cause the most stress in life.

Time Management and Effective Meetings
Are they actually necessary?

It is not uncommon for people to waste precious time having a meeting that never needed to happen in the first place. Think carefully before you agree to meet in person with someone. Can the 'meeting' be carried out via other means, e.g., phone, Skype, etc?

Time Management and Effective Meetings
Unusual meeting times

How early or late can meetings be held? That really depends on who you are meeting. Never prejudge. If you like to meet people at sunrise or late in the day, you never know, others may too!

What about start and finish times? Start and end off the hour, e.g., do not have a meeting from 2pm to 3pm but from 2.10pm to 2.55pm say. Research has shown that this makes people turn up at exactly the right time (if not earlier). However, you must ensure that you do indeed start and finish at the specified times to retain your credibility.

Time Management and Effective Meetings
Non-traditional meeting venues

Do you really need to meet in a traditional venue like an office? Consider more relaxed and informal meeting spaces like cafes, playgrounds, shopping centres, cinema or theatre foyers, etc.

Time Management and Effective Meetings
Practicalities stand or sit?

Do you really need to sit down? Again, research has shown that if you want a short and effective meeting, have it standing up. It is quite practical to have short snappy meetings whilst standing in offices, corridors, etc.

Time Management and Effective Meetings
Meetings with the most important person in your life

It is essential to put aside time weekly (or daily) to 'meet' with the most important person in your life YOU. It may seem a bit bizarre to treat yourself like a client but you are actually the most important person to deal with. Put aside protected time to work on activities that take you closer to what you want most in life. This could be money, family time, better health, etc.

When you first try to dedicate time for yourself you will find that other things will creep into that time but it is really important to make that period sacrosanct. And there is no excuse that you cannot afford that time. After all, you can always find time to go to the washroom. Make YOU a real priority as you need this protected time for:

* Getting things done
Only you know what you really want to achieve in this life. Keep focussed on this and mark out a morning, afternoon or evening to 'ME' - let nothing get in the way. This may sound easy to organise but it can be quite difficult to put into practice. However, determination and perseverance always win in the end.

* Recharging your batteries
This could mean time for your hobbies, loved ones, pets and anything that is truly important in your life. What you are looking at here are the activities that give you the greatest happiness.

* Acquiring the correct amount of sleep
The right amount of sleep is one of the most powerful 'drugs' you can give yourself. Good sleep can improve your immune system, give you a clearer mind, make you more creative and much more. And you can have total control over this. Again, it is all about putting it into practice and sticking to it.

Time Management and Effective Meetings - Self Development Summary

Good Time Management and Effective Meetings with 'yourself' and others are directly related to success and happiness in both your work and social life. The self development tips in this article show how to gain more time by thinking laterally and taking a different approach.

In learning new ways to manipulate time, if something unexpected pops up, you are able to deal with it without the usual anxiety and stress. Also, you always have time for yourself (your personal growth and personal development) and always have time set aside to take you closer to your work, business and social goals.

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