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Caylee - Still Crying Out for Justice

As hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of people watched in complete and utter horror today at their TV sets, they were frozen as the verdict of ‘Not Guilty’ rang out in the death of Cayce Anthony’s daughter, Caylee, was read. People literally gasped at the words that cleared Cayce Anthony of the Murder 1 charge as well as the Manslaughter charge by the State in the murder of her daughter. People were walking around dazed and confused, not understanding - not comprehending, what they heard. We were kicked in the gut.

I'm sure Cayce Anthony will soon be making an appointment for a new tattoo - after all, she will have many days ahead in which to participate in those 'hot body' contests - and enjoy the 'beautiful life' = a.k.a. 'Bella Vida'; Hey, maybe even one day, and I know this is far-fetched, she will remember that her daughter, Caylee, is dead - after dying while in her care - and she may decide to get a tattoo that says "Caylee" on it - well, maybe not - I guess that's reaching...maybe more like 'Jose'...

Early on today, the TV media were pointing out - very astutely, that they noticed each and every juror was dressed ‘to the 9’s’ when first seen this morning, unlike on previous days when they were dressed very casually. That was a blaring clue that there would be a Verdict today. It seems they already reached it yesterday. This jury has totally marched to their own drummer where so many things were concerned. Also noted was the fact that most of them did not take notes at all. Once again, the TV media offered that the Jury had made their minds up early on - why else would they forego taking any notes in such an intricate case? It absolutely defies all logic and common sense. I suspect we will learn even more surprising things about this bizarre jury - a jury who disappeared very quickly and will probably be in hiding for quite a while. At least, if they have any smarts, they will. And, I do question their competence at this point in time. Maybe they ‘identified’ with Cayce Anthony because a handful of them were they, themselves, convicted felons - ?

As for Jose Baez, he is having a champagne celebration which the TV media has been showing on TV for the last couple of hours. But, before going into that celebration he stated there were no winners. Yet, he celebrates his ‘win’ through a glass wall with cameras pointed at him and his team. There was hugging, jumping for glee, glaring smiles and laughter. Isn’t it irreverent to be partying hardy when the murder of a 2 ½ year old little girl was at the core of this case?

What kind of a system lets a sociopath like Cayce Marie Anthony back into society after the lies, deceit, deception - and death of her daughter, Caylee, who was ultimately found in a horrific state wrapped in garbage bags and thrown off to the side of the road in the murk and mud - just about 15 houses away from where she lived with her mother and grandparents. OH wait, I get it - a complete stranger, serial killer or whoever it was that did it actually drew or put the heart-shaped lips sticker over the duct tape that silenced Caylee - as well as making sure she had her blanket from her bed when she was buried. A hardened person like that - also had a heart, compassion? Something is so very wrong with this picture. COME ON, STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE.

Cayce, was a convicted thief who had stolen checks from her own Mother, as well as one or two other family members, not to mention stealing from her own friend - as we saw her on video buying up a storm of products at a local mart, all at her friend’s expense. HLN News has been reporting that quite a few of the Jurors had criminal records. They are also reporting that the Jurors in this case never asked to see any evidence - or ask any questions - and rarely if at all took notes in connection with the entire case against Casey Anthony. I have a big problem with this scenario. I know I join the millions of other people who have been following this trial looking for justice. Well, it did not happen for Caylee Marie.

Thursday will be the day that the Judge has said he will hand down sentencing. Most say Cayce will probably not do any more time as the time she has already served will count towards her sentence. Where will Cayce Anthony go from here? She can run, but she cannot hide - not for long anyway. From the looks of George and Cindy Anthony’s quick retreat from the courthouse - many of us are wondering where Cayce will live once she is set free. Certainly her parents can never trust her. Being a liar, a thief and a neglectful mother (31 days went by before Caylee was finally reported missing, by her Grandmother, Cindy), does not help people to feel safe or comfortable around someone like Cayce. Not to mention that she accused her Father and brother of sexual misconduct. Cayce can never, will never, have a normal life. She will always have to look over her shoulder - wherever she goes - as there are many angry people out there.

Caylee Anthony - betrayed by the Jury - the Jury that was supposed to render Justice for her!

As Nancy Grace said today…“the Devil is dancing tonight”…

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