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Crossing Over What Waits For Us

For most everyone, thereís a fleeting moment where we wonder, what, if anything, waits for us on the Other Side? Is it real? If so, is the experience the same for everyone?

Although weíre busy living our lives here, itís still something many of us ponder. Where do we go when our journey on this plane ends?

Some people have a notion, nothing exists beyond our experiences here. Others believe we go to a positive or negative place depending upon our actions. Still others believe we come back again and again, like recycling, but on an entirely different level.

There are many books featuring people who have crossed over, living to share their experiences of it all. They tend to entertain the idea of a tunnel, the brightest light you could ever imagine, swarms of Angels, guides and loved ones that have gone on before us, waiting.

Having crossed for a short period myself, Iíve found some recounting experiences similar to what I did, while others, exaggerated more for what feels like profit.

People who know me, describe my my personality, quite often, by the word, "different." The following is a good part of the reason why.

When I was younger, in the hospital with a rare blood disease, one of the evenings presented me with a place Iíll never forget! People don't have to be dead for long periods of time to have NDEís (near death experiences). There seems to be more a need for conditions, favorable to a body, Spirit separation.

People who have these experiences often say, words by Earthly terms, barely do the experience justice. For this is precisely what I found to be true...

Arriving, there was an indescribable vastness. No walls, no directions (up, down, left, right) ceilings or floors. Toward the beginning, I was breifly confused, uncertain where I was, but I was told to wait. I couldn't go any further.

Almost immediately, I was comforted, put at ease, unlike say a wait at a doctor's office or unexpected trip to the hospital. I was given a period to adjust.

I didnít seem to have the need to breath, but there was a slight sensation of a whir or breeze. There was no noise and the color surrounding me was a swirling white, like being inside of a cloud with yet another light, the brightest Iíve ever known, approaching me. It was pure, devoid of anything negative. It was loving, gentle and understanding. Every particle of your being is engulfed with love, surging through your Soul like a warm bath of milk and honey.

I was encouraged to return to my physical state of being. The presence within the light, understood, my desire not to, the pain, the pleading of wanting to stay.

ďYou must return. This isnít your time. Your presence is important there.Ē

After these words were spoken, the presence (which felt to me to be Divine) flashed sensations of why I was needed, images, war, loss of hope, societyís withdraw of Spiritual evolution, with yet another message being that of, love.

Love is the difference, itĎs all there is!

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