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Increased Health Spell

The following is a spell to welcome and increase health in your life. As with all spells the most important aspect is setting a specific intention. The second most important aspect is allowing space within your intention and practice for the Universe to express its own creativity. Attempting to control the way our intention is accomplished places a limit on natural flow and can often prove to be counter-productive.

The tools and rituals we, as practitioners, may chose act only as a support for us to hold focus on our goal. In the following spell, you will find my preferred form of accomplishing setting, maintaining, and releasing intentions. If a variation feels more natural to you, trust yourself and use it.

Tools required -
3 - 5 white candles
1 white sage smudge (an incense stick is fine)
1 cedar smudge (an incense stick is fine)
1 comfortable sitting space located in the center of the circle
1 lighter

Begin by centering yourself in the space. Focus on your breathing. Feel the floor beneath your feet. Feel the expansive energy surrounding you, flowing through you. Know that this energy is infinite, know you are a part of it, know that you are infinite. Set your intention. Say aloud, "I am in perfect health".

Light the white sage smudge. As it burns, circle the space three times counterclockwise. You are cleansing the space. Say aloud, "This space is cleansed of all negativity. This space is cleansed of all sorrow. This space is clear. This space is blessed".

Light the candles, placing them around the room (remember to use safe, non burnable surfaces. You want your focus to be on the intention, not the flames). As you do so, say aloud, "This space is held in Light and Love".

Light the cedar smudge. As it burns, circle the space three times clockwise. You are sealing the space. Say aloud, "Only positive energy may enter this space. This space is held in Love and Light. All else that nears this space is transmuted to Love and sent to where it may do the most good".

Sit in your comfortable place. This can be a chair, the floor, a pillow... The only important aspect of where or how you sit is that you will be comfortable so as not to be distracted by the physical plane. If you find that you are uncomfortable, move.

Meditate for as long as feels natural in the sacred space you have created. This may be 5 minutes or 30, the length is completely individual. You will feel present and aware. Here, in this mindset and space again set your intention. Say aloud, "I am in perfect health".

Expand upon, and be present with your intention with the following prayer -

All matter is made from the same energy, the same ether. The infinite universe is of this same matter, and I recognize this infinite universe, this matter, as Goddess.

I am of this same matter, and so I am of Goddess. Since Goddess is infinite, and is all that exists, I, myself, am Goddess, pure and infinite.

Goddess exists in perfect health. Illness is an illusion that no longer exists for me. I am Goddess, and so I am in perfect health.

I am grateful for the infinite health I experience. I thank all that is for the perfect health that I am now experiencing.

I release this knowledge and prayer to Goddess knowing that infinite health shall continue to grow with Goddess and so within me. I let this be so, and so it is.

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