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Vaccine Dangers

Last night while I was in a store, the cashier asked me if I wanted a flu shot. What I found more interesting, was the way he asked me. From the tone of his voice, it was like he believed he was offering me candy or a vitamin. I wanted to tell him that in offering a vaccine, he was offering something that would make people very sick. Instead I decided to tell him -- Vaccines Make People Sick. I realize there are many stores that offer flu shots, and give financial incentives to their employees, and this was why he was asking me and every customer if they wanted a flu shot. The massive advertising for flu shots everywhere has been hard to ignore.

Being a health editor has led me to many articles and information written by intelligent people about the dangers of flu shots and vaccines. The articles and facts I read have been documented with credible sources. Please keep in mind that this article is my opinion and I hope you will read it with an open mind. It is my personal belief that the ingredients used to make vaccines are harmful to the human immune system. I believe that instead of stimulating an immune system response within the body, some vaccine ingredients damage immune system functioning, and sometimes this damage can be permanent.

Vaccine ingredients need to be improved to include more substances that are naturally healing to the human body. Chemicals and bacteria do not heal the human immune system. And they do not always create an immune system response, but often begin immune system failure. Vaccines are made with many dangerous chemicals such as aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, etc. Vaccines are also made with poisonous bacterias such as polio virus, influenza virus, hepatitis virus and many animal viruses. It is the use of these types of chemicals and bacterias that cause severe illness, most of which is permanent. Chemicals and poisonous bacteria do not stimulate the immune system they destroy it.

Research and implement natural ways of healing your body. Take care of yourself to ensure that you will be healthy. Vitamin C therapy is an excellent example of a natural substance that heals many diseases. Understand that big pharmaceutical companies often push the sale of chemical vaccines for profit, without regard for the harm the vaccines cause. The use of natural healing ingredients is not a financial advantage to pharmaceutical companies, but for the sake of health and well being this is important and must be done.

Medical journals have published thousands of articles that list the harmful effects of vaccines. If you perform a simple search on the internet, you can easily find this information. It is my belief there are many vaccines that are harmful. It is not my intention to be negative about any specific vaccine. But in this moment, and for the sake of health, I would like to talk about the Flu Vaccine which contains strains of the flu and other viruses. The flu vaccine can make you deathly sick if you already have an illness that causes a weakened immune system, and most people are in this category. Ingredients in flu vaccinations also cause serious neurological disorders.

It is helpful to research your own health care and the use of vaccines. A vaccine is your choice. Vaccines are not something that should ever be forced on anyone. Vaccines should be researched, not blindly trusted. It is not good to allow anyone to think for you, especially those motivated by financial gain. Research and think for yourself when it comes to taking care of your health.

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