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Last Wizard Standing - Disqualified

This is part two of my three-part series ending summary. Please see part I for a synopsis of what has happened thus far.

Meanwhile, the Russo kids are concocting a spell to freshen breath as a part of the competition. Alex decides to use a Griffin feather in hers, and is having trouble opening the jar. Just then, Zeke and Harper burst into the game show looking for help. The Griffin, who happens to be hungry, mistakes the purple Zeke for food and bursts out of the jar, growing to its normal size. The Griffin then snatches up Zeke and Harper and takes them off to its nest far away. Everyone is stunned by what happened, but Professor Crumbs demands that they press on and save their friends later. Initially Justin and Max are okay with this, but Alex convinces them to pool their time-outs so they can go and save Zeke and Harper from the Griffin. They reluctantly agree, but not before Professor Crumbs gives them a warning - they must return before their combined 45 minute time out is over, or whoever does not return in time will be disqualified from the competition. They agree and set off.

Using their magic carpets to fly to the Griffin’s nest, they find Harper but no Griffin. Harper is trapped in Griffin spit - a precursor to being eaten by the Griffin’s hatchlings - and Zeke is missing. They free Harper and Justin decides that they need to leave - even though Zeke is yet to be found. Harper refuses to leave until he is, and Alex agrees. Just then, Zeke breaks out of a shell, explaining that he was eaten by a Hatchling but got the hatchling to throw him up. They get him cleaned up and make a run for it.

Unfortunately, the Griffin returns before they can escape and they have to fight it. They finally work together and stop the Griffin, then rush back to the carpets for the return trip. Upon returning to the set, they find that everyone has gone - their time ran out while they were away, and although their cause was noble, they are all disqualified. This has dire consequences for their family - not only will none of them become wizards; there will be no more Russo family wizards ever. All three are crushed, and Justin and Max hold Alex solely responsible. As they hand their wands over to Professor Crumbs, they are shocked and sad. They go back through the portal to their family and friends, who are already aware of what has happened. As they stand in the lair trying to adjust to the fact that their powers have gone, everything begins to disappear. They run out of the lair just in time. Justin opens the deep-freezer door to find only meat storage - every trace of their magical world is gone.

All three Russo kids have lost their wizard powers forever because they were disqualified from the competition for taking too long to save Harper and Zeke. This leads to a bitter feud between the siblings as they cannot forgive Alex. Weeks extend into months, and their feud eventually causes their dad to put a “for sale” sign on the sub shop, as it was intended to be a family business but the family has fallen apart. The kids decide that despite how they feel they cannot let this happen, and they begin to work together to restore things to the way they should be.

The shop is put right and business is booming, each sibling having made their peace about the situation. Over a family lunch in the shop, Alex again apologizes to Justin and Max, explaining that she never intended to ruin their lives. Justin explains that their lives aren’t ruined; they can still have a great life right there. She asks Max if he forgives her too, which he readily does. Before they have a chance to feel the acceptance of this situation however, they are transported back to the game show set.

And so ends part II.

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