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Last Wizard Standing - The Family Wizard Is...

This is part three of my three-part series ending summary. Please see parts I and II for a synopsis of what has happened thus far.

After finding themselves whisked back to the set of the game show, the Russos find everything on the set is as it was before the disqualification – but no one understands why. Professor Crumbs explains that Round Two of their test just ended, with their forgiveness of each other. The Griffin mission was a test (although it was supposed to take Professor Crumbs, not Zeke and Harper), as was the taking of their wizard powers. Once they had learned to forgive each other and work together, the competition could continue.

Round Three of the competition featured more questions to answer. This time, they needed to answer with the appropriate spell for getting out of sticky situations - a round that Alex easily excelled at, seeing as she spent so much time getting into and out of them before. Alex wins this round and enters the final round tied with Justin, with Max as a close second. Thus begins the final round – a physical challenge. Because the scores are so close, whoever emerges from the task first will automatically be declared the winner.

The three take off running through a portal, only to stop short on the other side at the edge of a cliff. They must cross a chasm filled with lava with only stalagmite- type rock towers to hop across. They cross to the other side to find themselves in a maze. They all struggle to find the exit, with Justin becoming enclosed by magical brick walls (he blasts his way through), and Alex remembering a spell that allows her to walk through the last wall to the end. Max makes it out too, and they all enter the final leg of the race - the “tunnel of mist”.

Running through the misty tunnel they encounter laser beams that they cannot cross. Both Alex and Justin use the same spell to get through, and Max is not far behind. Both Justin and Alex take off running for the exit, and Justin makes it through first - effectively ending the competition.

Everyone is cheering for Justin and Professor Crumbs steps up on a small stage to bestow full wizard powers on him. Off to the side, Alex tells Mason that they can’t be together once she is no longer magical, and the two share a sad hug. Professor Crumbs bends his wand to convey the family wizard powers to Justin, but Justin stops him just before he does. He admits to everyone that when they were in the tunnel, Alex was in the lead. Alex ran through to the end but heard Justin struggling behind her. While running, he caught his foot in some branches growing low to the ground and couldn’t free himself. Alex could have gone through the portal and won the race, but she turned around to help him. Justin told her she didn’t have to, but she did anyway. For that reason, Alex really deserved to be the family wizard, because she would have won.

Based on this new information, Professor Crumbs goes to bestow full powers on Alex, who looks to her brother to confirm his intent. Justin concedes, and Alex becomes the Russo family wizard. Justin is sad not just because he lost, but because he also can’t be with Juliet because he will be non- magical. Professor Crumbs calls Justin over, who helps him down the steps. The Professor then admits that effective immediately, he is retiring from being headmaster at Wiz-Tech and would like Justin to take his place. Justin agrees, and he then conveys full wizard powers on Justin as new headmaster of Wiz-Tech. Everyone is ecstatic about both Alex and Justin keeping their powers and also keeping their respective mates. The elder Russos tell Max that they will leave the family business to him one day, and he gets excited about that. All of the Russos are happy about their respective futures, and the show ends.

Overall, I am sad to see this show go - it was one that all of my kids enjoyed, and I enjoyed watching with them. I thought the ending was well thought out and fun – very appropriately keeping up the same standard that the show has maintained since its beginning. I look forward to seeing the great things that Selena Gomes, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin, and Jennifer Stone are sure to produce in the coming years.

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