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Excess Body Hair Removal

Glowing thick locks of hair are beautiful on the head, but what happens when the thick hair is prominent on other areas of the body? We've all observed, heard, or even experienced excess body hair problems. Too much body hair in weird places on the body is very embarrassing and might make a person avoid wearing clothes that expose the area. We've all probably noticed people who had thick hair growing on their legs, thighs, belly, underarms, forearms. Many of them resorted to using extreme measures to cover up these areas even during hot weather. Unwanted body hair is a problem for both men and women. Let's take a closer look.

What Causes Excess Hair on The Body
Excess body hair is frequently attributed to an underlying medical condition, taking certain medications, a rise in certain hormones, or even hereditary factors. Consult your doctor for more information. Your doctor will take measures to test and screen you for signs of distinct medical conditions that contribute to excess hair growth.

How to Get Rid of Excess Body Hair
Over the years people have tried various methods to deal with excess hair problems on the face and body. Lets take a look at a few of the most customary ways used to deal with the hairy situation.

Many people think erroneously that shaving is a quick and easy method to eliminate- excess hair. They happily shave their legs, belly, underarms, and find this hair removal method very convenient. Actually, shaving merely removesí hair on the surface of the skin and leaves the hair root. Shaving promotes quick hair growth of dark coarser hair. The only solution after shaving is to up the shaving frequency which leads to a vicious unending shaving cycle.

Waxing is another popular way to remove excess hair at the root. In fact, a number of women swear by the bikini wax and think it is the only way to remove excess hair around the bikini line. People use waxing kits at home with pleasing results that leave the skin smooth and free of hair. Waxing is also available at many beauty salons. Waxing results look neat, but results are not permanent. Waxing last for about several weeks before another treatment is required. Of course, waxing results vary significantly among individuals due to hair growth rate and other factors.

Electrolysis removal is more expensive, but still remains a popular option to remove excess hair on the face and body areas. Electrolysis method removes the unwanted hair by using a small probe that sends an electrical current to the hair root. Another important fact is that Electrolysis is an FDA approved permanent hair removal technique. And of course Electrolysis requires multiple treatments to end hair growth permanently.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is very effective, but requires several treatments. In this method a laser is used to heat hair follicles and destroy the hair root. Studies show that laser hair removal is a good option for darker hair on paler skin. Light color hair removal on light skin is difficult as is dark hair on darker skin. The laser requires a darker target against a lighter surface to efficiently target and remove the hair.

Natural Hair Removal Methods
Sugaring is a natural hair removal method used for centuries. Sugaring removes the hair at the root and is better than shaving or waxing methods. Hair that grows back is much softer and less noticeable than hair that grows back after shaving or waxing. Sugaring uses a paste that is made with sugar, water, and lemon juice. The paste is heated and allowed to cool Then the paste is applied to the excess hair areas. The paste is covered with muslin strips and then ripped off the area. Results last from several weeks to several months. Sugaring is a service offered in some beauty salons and is also a convenient hair removal treatment to do at home.

Other Excess Hair Removal Methods
Hair removal creams like Nair Hair Remover, Nads Natural, or Veet Hair Removal Creams are also used to remove excess hair. These products contain harsh alkaline chemicals that weaken and destroy the hair follicle. This method results in turning the hair into a jelly like texture. The excess hair is then easily wiped off with a wet cloth.

It should be noted that one natural hair removal method like sugaring might work perfectly for one individual while proving less successful for others. Always consult with your doctor for more information on safe excess hair removal methods.

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