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A Sandy Hook Motherís Dream Interpretation

The violent 2012 shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut killed 20 first grade students and six adults. Parents who lost their children continue a lifelong journey of mentally and spiritually processing such a devastating tragedy. During an interview with the Associated Press, one mother, Veronique Pozner, talked about the dreams that plague her. Although some may be distressing, I can see how her mind is desperately trying to cope, and her subconscious mind is helping through the power of dreams. I know from the personal experience of losing a child. There is no greater pain. My own dreams mirror hers.

Poznerís Dreams
In one dream, six-year-old Noah brushes his teeth at the sink and looks at [Pozner] and says, ďMommy, Iím having fun.Ē

In another dream, she gives birth atop a mountain. The midwife hands her the infant and she walks down a long flight of stairs to her village. But she drops the baby.

Two dreams. Two messages. Both are strikingly similar to my own dreams that I had after the death of my little boy. In any case, here are the dream symbols:

Dream #1: A visitation
Clean teeth. Clean and shining teeth are a sign of happiness.
Brushing oneís teeth. In the process of cleaning and sharpening oneís image. Can also mean brushing up on oneís communication.
Talking. When the deceased appear in oneís dreams, it is important to listen to their words in a literal sense. They bring a clear message.

The Interpretation
This is a spirit visitation rather than merely a dream formed by the dreamerís subconscious mind. Her little boy is happy and becoming even happier. His cleaning his teeth also represents how he is trying to improve his ability to communicate with his mother. Additionally, it indicates that his words are clean and pure. His message is real: He is having fun. He is alive, safe and well in spirit and having a nice time on the other side where no one can harm him anymore.

Dream #2: Loss
Mountaintop. Mountains can represent life challenges among other things. To stand on the top of a mountain signifies a trial overcome.
Midwife. The appearance of a midwife in dreams can point to some heavenly assistance in giving birth. It also can be an ominous sign of coming calamities.
Carrying an infant. Being responsible for a new project. In this dreamerís case, an actual life.
Dropping a baby. Being unable to carry out the duty or responsibility of the project at hand. In this dreamerís case, she feels she was unable to care for the baby.

The Interpretation
This dream indicates that the dreamer might have had experienced some struggle or challenge during her pregnancy but was able to give birth to an infant with the help of a midwife. In some dream interpretation circles, a midwife can signal misfortune. (This isnít always the case but sadly this symbol was accompanied by yet another worrisome image later.) Anyway, the hard part seemed to be over as the dreamer carried her child downhill toward her village but then she dropped the baby.

Many mothers who lose their children (to illness, divorce, abortion, crime) frequently dream about dropping a baby. I, myself, used to dream about my arms getting so weak that I couldnít carry my baby anymore and would fall to my knees to prevent him from falling hard upon the ground. This is an analogy for not being able to take care of our children. We feel that we could not fulfill our most sacred duty during our waking lives. This dream used to fill me with anguish and I would awaken with aching arms and a grief-stricken heart only to remember that I fell asleep that way, too.

Dream Therapy
Grief can be debilitating, paralyzing the mind and even causing death without some sort of release. Dreams are one way for our minds to release the dangerous and toxic build up of grief.

When dreams of dropping the baby terrorize you, wake up and re-dream this dream. Daydream a better outcome where you simply and gently hand over the baby into the arms of an angel for just a short time, knowing that you will take him back again soon.

And welcome and invite those lovely visitation dreams. You are, indeed, visiting with your child in spirit. Try to take solace in knowing he is safe and happy while simply waiting for the time when you will be reunited.

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