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Romance and Instincts

I canít tell you how often Iíve heard, ďItís when I donít trust that Ďlittle voiceí or act on those tugging instincts, those are the times Iím usually the sorriest.Ē

Itís something each of us has, no matter where or who you are and in todayís day and age where human interaction isnít just convenient with technology but reliant, it can be helpful having that little voice within, keeping things in perspective!

Personally, I love technology and though I could go without it if I had to, Iíd likely be in a very bad mood for the next 40 years, if it were to remain a permanent thing.

From the bread we eat to connecting with friends and digitizing finances, even trying to find romance, technology is at the root of it all. However, because of our advances, with a few strokes of a key, within an instant, everything we once knew to be true in our world can be turned on itís heels and within a matter of seconds.

Romance, for example. We may have experienced it for ourselves or heard stories through friends and family, after years and years of being with someone, you can one day find after all that time, you never really knew them at all. Then, itís too late.

Online or in person, hereís where that little voice within can save us a whole lot of trouble!

Whether itís ďpen-namesĒ and frequencies or a bit of glazed reality behind Margaritas, Gin and Tonics or few bottles of wine, although it can be fun, even natural to reinvent ourselves, if itís solid ground youíre looking for, it helps to have a basic understanding of who the person is and what exactly theyíre capable of down the road.

First, take a step back and be kind to yourself. Realize everything can be exciting the first couple of years. This is whatís called, ďThe Honeymoon PhaseĒ where even the most common of senses can take a back seat to a lonely heart or empty bed.

Secondly, even if you happen to be feeling happier than before, understand though itís human desire to want companionship, instinctually, if youíve grown accustomed to habits of numbing distractions, be it alcohol, constantly going out to eat, taking trips or spending lots of money, thereís probably something your instincts are trying to tell you.

Lastly, in your mind, if something were to happen or if you were to simply stop all spending, postponing vacations or for whatever reason, need to survive on the most simplest of things, how long do you really feel that person across from you, would be there? Would they move on to more fertile grounds?

Distinguishing fact from fiction can be easy. With a little practice and allowing the age-old craft of instincts rise to the occasion, it can soon be apparent what they're trying to tell you and what to really look for when they do.

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