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Being Chased by Ex-boyfriend Dream Symbol

“These dreams plague me for years after I broke up with my boyfriend, even after I got married to another man and was pregnant. He keeps chasing me down with a shotgun. In one dream, he insisted that my baby was his and that he would never give up until he got custody. Finally, I warned him to stop coming after me and when he got closer, I shot him in the knee. He kept coming so I shot him in the leg. He wouldn’t stop so I shot him in the gut, and I ran away. I’m not sure if I actually killed him or not.”

Those dreams of the ex can be so unsettling. Even when you believe you’ve left him in the past, he can reappear suddenly in your dreams and you feel defenseless against his influence.

When you dream of an ex, it is important to consider the many different factors: Is this dream a wish fulfillment dream? Is it a fear-based dream? In this dreamer’s case, she has no desires to reconnect with her ex now being happily married and pregnant. So why is she still dreaming of him?

The Dream Symbols
The ex. A former relationship can reflect past traits that the dreamer had during the past relationship or the ex himself.
Being chased with a shotgun. Feeling vulnerable and hunted. Dreamer can’t let go of thinking about whatever is chasing her.
Ex wanting custody of “his” baby. If her ex cannot have her, he wants “his” child. The ex is feeling robbed of a part of himself that she took when she broke up with him and he wants this part back.
Shooting him in the knee, leg, gut. Feeling angry towards the pursuer and trying to stop him. Shooting the knee and leg intends on simply stopping him from getting near but shooting in the gut aims to kill.

The Dream Interpretation
This dreamer is feeling the lasting aftereffects of a traumatic relationship and break-up with her ex who won’t let her go despite her marriage and pregnancy with another man’s baby. Even if she wants to leave him in the past, this man is holding onto her in such a way that she feels threatened by him.

By shooting him three times, she is making a strong and undeniable attempt to stop him from coming after her. This is a clear spiritual and psychic act to immobilize him. Running away indicates that she finally escapes.

This dreamer revealed that for months her ex continued to contact her and insist that her infant was his which was both impossible and untrue. He finally stopped calling and trying to visit but thought about her with great remorse and anger for years, she learned through a mutual friend. Knowing this, the dreamer vented her fears about him through dreams…or perhaps his intense thought energy manifested and appeared in her dreams. Her dream tells her she will escape but how?

Dream Therapy
I encourage this dreamer to use her dream power to protect her from unwanted thoughts and fear either of her own making or her ex’s by daydreaming a scenario where her ex is finally at peace with another woman and his own baby on the way. Imagine that they exchange pleasantries and thank each other for the experiences they had together and the lessons learned, wishing each other well and finally going their own way with other mates. Imagine her ex fulfilled and happy. Breathe in deeply and exhale away all the fears and negativity. Then imagine highly-detailed images of her much-desired scenes of joy for her present marriage and coming newborn before falling asleep.

Live well. Sleep well. Dream happy.

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