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Fine-tuning Perception Wtih Sounds of Silence

In my last article I spoke of intuitive feelings 24/7, I spoke of meditation and breathing
As a way to go deeper into ourselves. Now I want to go a bit further and talk about
Vibrations. Quite simply, everything vibrates at its own pace, sound, light, energy,
Our thoughts and material as well as spiritual vibrates. All things are tied together
Meaning they come from an original source, but what separates the above mentioned
Is the fact each vibrate at different levels think of it as this, a stack of plates one on
Top of the other are various worlds of existence, the one at the very bottom is the
Material universe our physical bodies exist in, it vibrates at the slowest level. The second plate is the mental universe; its vibration is much fast than the first. The third being the emotional, the fourth consciousness/ spirit etc.

By now I am sure someone is asking how does this relate to clairvoyance? In order to develop ones natural gifts there must be some changes in your lives. When you make these changes and give forth an effort, only then will you see results? Like cultivating a
Garden, it takes work. First you begin to get in touch with your spiritual self; you can follow any path that you feel is right for you that will aid you in getting in touch with the spirit that you are. Meditation, yoga, chanting/signing, music, painting, sculpting, dancing
What have you? Second, you MUST decide to change your out look on how you view your life-yourself and others all around you. You cannot grow within if you do not do some Weeding in the garden with in. Third, do not expect to become like Kreskin or the more recent famous John Edward. It takes time, patience, and diligence.

When you raise your vibration state you begin to build a spiritual bridge so to speak, a link between you and the Universe. I spoke of this in earlier writings, it can only be
Experienced from within. Our mind cannot grasp it because it is beyond what we can imagine.

Exercises for the spirit:

You can do this exercise that takes only a few minutes or as long as you wish. Try at different times of the day to see which best fits you, but the whole point to the time frame Is when you are most alert mentally, and relaxed/refreshed?

Lie down with a pillow under your knees so your legs are slightly bent and the bottom part of your back is completely flat on the ground.

Your arms should be lying about a few inches from your body so the shoulders are flat on the floor as well.

Take in a deep slow breath through the nose while allowing the lower abdomen to rise first, ever watch a new born breath? They take in oxygen that way. Hold this breath for about a count of 5 and slowly let it out through your mouth. Do this about 5 times for starters, in time you can increase the inhale and exhale when your lungs get stronger.

After you are relaxed, mentally project a circle. At the solar plexus (stomach area), a tiny sun if you will. Mentally allow this sphere of energy to growStronger and brighter as you breathe.

Acknowledge to yourself that all negative energy is melting away And being replaced with positive energy.

Allow this energy to move upward to the heart Area and acknowledge that all negativity is melted away, move the energy up to the throat and do the same, and the point between the eyebrows and finally the top of the head.

Allow yourself a few minutes to melt away into the floor. Slow project your tiny sun back over your stomach and slowly let it fade away, knowing that is where the seat Of your energy is.

Doing this exercise over time will energize you and raise your state
Of being to a higher expression.

**The next exercise/article: Working with your dreams******

Peace to whom all this writing finds!! Elleise K. Kerrick

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