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Astrology or Zodiac Dreams

Dreaming of your own astrological sign (or zodiac sign) may represent you. However, dreaming of other signs may represent an aspect of that particular sign that you are working to either embody or transform. For instance, if you dream of the sign of Virgo, it may be that you need to work on embodying the characteristics of that sign, such as thinking analytically or supporting another in their endeavors, or maybe you need to overcome a critical or fussy nature.

Aries – The Ram
This archetype embodies energy, enthusiasm, self confidence and good leadership skills. The challenges under this archetype may be aggression, being competitive, or quick tempered.

Taurus – The Bull
This archetype enjoys being surrounded by beauty. A comfortable, pleasing, environment inspires this sign. Challenges experienced by this archetype may be stubbornness, laziness or materialism and self-indulgence.

Gemini – The Twins
This sign is clever, witty and intelligent and they thrive on change. Freedom is important to this sign, and if they don’t get it, they may get restless. Challenges experienced by this sign include superficiality, impulsiveness, and deviousness.

Cancer (Moon Child) – Crab, Turtle
This sign is loyal, caring and intuitive. They can be a bit needy when their confidence wanes. The challenge with this sign is to feel capable and strong without the support of others.

Leo – The Lion
This sign is confident and supportive, and they thrive in the spotlight. Their challenge is wanting to be the center of attention, controlling others, and being overly dramatic

Virgo – The Virgin
This sign is reliable, organized, and well aware of what’s going on around them. Their challenge is appearing cold and perfectionistic. They also tend to think their way is the only way.

Libra – The Scales
This is a peaceful sign that enjoys working with others. They love to be part groups. They are diplomatic; wanting each side to get what is fair to them. Their challenge is that they can be lazy and superficial.

Scorpio - Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix
One of the most passionate of the signs, Scorpios love fiercely, and are resourceful and vibrant. Their challenge, like that of the scorpion, is that they sometimes sting themselves. They can be possessive, and manipulative; yet they hurt themselves as much as they hurt others. This sign actually embodies three symbols: In its regular aspect, it embodies the scorpion, crawling low on the ground, and reacting if it feels threatened. As the eagle, it can soar to the heavens, and as the phoenix, it experiences transformation.

Sagittarius – The Archer
This sign thrives on change, and looks for adventure and higher wisdom in every nook and cranny. They encourage others to find their passion, and feel free to let others follow their own path. Their challenge is that they can be emotionally unattached, and sometimes find it hard to be committed to others.

Capricorn – The Sea Goat
This sign is patient, resourceful and committed. They are natural leaders, and enjoy helping others find their way (without wanting to control them). Their patience helps them to see the big picture, and they understand that a tree cannot bear fruit before its time. Their challenge is that at times they may lack imagination, and boss others around.

Aquarius – The Water Bearer
This sign is clever, witty and charming, and they LOVE their freedom. They are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They see the big picture and what potential lies in others (and the planet). Their challenge is tending to be disappointed when others do not reach their potential. They may also run if they feel their freedom is being threatened.

Pisces – Two Fish
This sign is sensitive and loyal, and would do anything for a friend. They are compassionate, and see the Light in others. Their challenge is that they can fall into the mode of self pity, and often cannot move forward without the help of others.

The signs of the zodiac form a wheel, in which all aspects support each other. To dream of the signs helps us to embody all the archetypes, supporting our own personal growth, and how we contribute to the world around us.

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