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House Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a home, or house, is a fairly common dream symbol, and like most dream symbols, represents an aspect of our deeper self that wants attention.

Houses are generally symbolic of our personality – our character. Think of the house as housing your soul – the condition of your house and each room represents a different part of your persona.

What sort of condition is your dream home in? Is it dilapidated and falling apart? Is the foundation crumbling? It could mean that you are having massive changes in your way of thinking; that you are having your own foundation shaken.

Is it cluttered or tidy? A cluttered home may represent something in your real life that needs to be de-cluttered.

Is your home grandiose or simple? This may represent how you present yourself to the world.

Are you building a new home? This could represent a new phase in your life.

Are you adding on to the house or remodeling? This could mean that you are improving and expanding your own life.

Is your house haunted? This could mean there are things haunting you that need to be dealt with.

The rooms in a house will represent different things, pretty much as in real life, after all, in our own homes, each room serves a particular function. How you live in each room of your home will offer valuable insights into your dream home. Are you happy or do you feel isolated? Are you comfortable or do you have to keep up appearances? Becoming aware of both the obvious and subtle feelings you have about your home, and the home you grew up in, will tell you a lot about your house dreams.

The kitchen is generally the domain of the mothers and grandmothers, the nurturers of the family, and is the place where we are nourished physically. It’s where many families dine together, where the food is kept, and where good friends hang out sipping coffee and chatting.

Dreaming of the kitchen brings up the question “how were we nurtured, and how are we being nurtured now?” Are we hungry, or well fed? Is someone looking after us, or are we alone. Is the kitchen bare, or well stocked?

Compare your dream kitchen to your real life kitchen, or your childhood kitchen. Is your own kitchen bare? Do you need to find new ways to nurture yourself now? Are your relationships nurturing to you?

Living Room/Family Room
Though in some instances living rooms may be more formal than family rooms, most people live in a home where one rooms serves as both. How you live in your living room will tell you a lot about how you present yourself to the world. Is it important to have a tidy, well presented living room where you can impress others, or are you more interested in comfort?

The bedroom is a place of safety, rest and rejuvenation. It’s also a place of vulnerability, and says something about our deeply intimate relationships and creative abilities. Creativity is linked to sensuality in that the same energy that flows to create art is also the same energy being expressed during intimate encounters. Do you feel safe in expressing your inner self intimately with another? Are you worried about rejection or acceptance? Are you receiving support in your creative endeavors?

The bathroom is the place where we clean up, and release the body’s waste. Is the bathroom neat or messy? Are you showering or using the toilet? You may be going through a cleansing period, or maybe it’s time to release something that is no longer serving you.

The garage is where we store our vehicle, and stuff that doesn’t have a place inside the home. Tools may represent having tools for dealing with real life issues. The vehicle may represent how you are journeying through life.

The basement and attic usually represent the sub-conscious and the super-conscious, or things that are hidden from us. The sub-conscious mind holds all our memories and beliefs, and acts as the “attractor.” The super-conscious mind is the Divine mind that guides us with the wisdom of our higher self.

When things are hidden in our basement, there may be some subconscious beliefs that need to be changed. When things are hidden in the attic there may be aspects of the unknown that we’ve yet to tap into for our greater good.

As always, feelings play the greatest role in any dream interpretation, so pay close attention to how you felt in your dream. And remember, home is where the heart is, and we learn a great deal about our heart through our journeys to the dream home.

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