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How to Turn Pipe Dreams Into Reality

ďIf you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.Ē ~ Walt Disney

When I was a little girl, a teacher once called me a daydreamer like it was a bad thing. In her world, it was. Being a daydreamer or a dreamer implied that one just sat there fascinated by the images in his own head, never doing much of anything else in the real world. I couldnít explain that the dream world was just as real as this physical world. Little did she know that anyone who made an impact in the real world first imagined it in the dream world.

Dreamers are the true movers and shakers of Earth but unless they manifest their dreams into the physical, theirs are derisively referred to as pipe dreams.

Pipe dreams
Do you know where the phrase ďpipe dreamĒ comes from? It refers to the hallucinations of someone smoking opiates from a pipe. Illusions. Delusions. Before we dismiss such dream images, letís remember that some of these so-called pipe dreams have moved the world including the songs of the Beatles, novels by Stephen King, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, D.H. Lawrence, Goethe and Jack Keroac. Inventions like the sewing machine and scientific discoveries such as the Benzene Ring were revealed through dreams as well.

How to bring your dreams into the physical world
So you have a dream or youíve dreamed a dream and wish with all of your might that it will come true. There is a pattern that successful dreamers have instinctively followed:

1. Dream it. See it with great detail. Work out all the bugs in your mind. Consider daydreaming and night dreaming part of this important process.
2. Believe it. Too many dream about possibilities but they donít really believe that their dreams can come true. They themselves are their biggest obstacle. One must believe in his dream when no one else does. Believe in your dream with all of your heart. Know that it will come true because youíll make it so.
3. Focus. Donít become distracted by other dreams at this time. Focus all of your attention and energy on what you wish to come to pass.
4. Put your dream in writing. This is when your dream begins to take physical form. Draw up an outline or blueprint. Set your goal then break it down into small steps.
5. Do one thing on that outline, taking subsequent steps as inspired, until you reach your goal.
6. Banish doubt. Donít let yourself think anything negative. Ignore the naysayers especially.
7. Feel the excitement, love and gratitude of birthing your dream. This is the life force that calls forth your dream into reality.
8. Persist with passion. See obstacles as roadblocks that will strengthen your project or steer you toward a better path.

You donít have to work hard to bring your dreams into reality but you do have to be inspired. Those with phenomenal success always report that there was joy was in the process so it never felt like work. Be juiced about what you do. Love your dream into reality.

This process works. I have loved my dreams into reality. When I was a little girl, I dreamed about helping people, learning about life, writing stories and finding my family. My life today is exactly that. I am living my dream life. You can, too.

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