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Empowering Your Personal Psychic Abilities

In speaking of clairvoyance or anything else of controversy it would seem the most obvious place to start would NOT be the most obvious perception from which to begin.

As a child we did without but were cared for just the same. However, when it came to asking of, what I know now, as clairvoyance, dreams, visitation, reincarnation, the nurturing exacted the attention of a child with an over active imagination.

Mom was busy rearing the children; an emotional as well as exerting task at best. Very little time was there to discuss matters of spirituality, let alone “walk” outside the dogmatic views of the Catholic religion. Even so, what was not discussed, continued to exist. Through my mother’s awareness of spirituality and her own search, though not spoken of, I knew someone other than myself pondered ‘things’as well.

Having a strong Catholic background, I made a commitment to not read of psychic matters in books. None-the-less, these studies persisted in dreams and continued in the daylight hours with precognition.

For awhile the 3:15 a.m. thing would occur, sleepwalking, audial messages and “dreams” with sleep paralysis. Most if not all leaving me with information not retrievable in a waking state. Having experienced this for 3 decades, I now am more at ease with these sensations and try to deal with the doors avoided in the past, opening whichever comes first.

Sleep, which started as an unfamiliar friend (insomnia, fear of the unknown, and such) has now turned to one of the best sources, personally, I can recommend for those relating to some of the things written about in previous articles.

The courage to trust in an experience though it may not be able to be proved addresses something tangible in which we can deal with. Science may provide some information of what happens to each of us at night, but I am certain there is more in our awareness tapped into throughout the evening instructing us much the same visuals do in waking hours.

Recently, I have found something that works for me. It may help those who are ready to deal with an aspect of themselves they have been uncomfortable with but are ready to explore on their own. It is a simple exercise.


1.) Before meditating I recommend that protective white light, prayer, or both be viusalized just prior to initiating an exercize.
2.) Finish completely with the routines of the day. You should feel as though whatever has been needed to be done (physically and emotionally) is done.
3.) Meditate or say…”I allow only positive/neutral knowledge to my Soul, to my heart, to my life and any situation my progress may touch upon.”
4.) Bed should be welcoming, everything at reach (water /Kleenexes, etc., no worries)
5.) Children should definitely be asleep!
6.) Slowly close your eyes. Feel the weight of your lids and the pressure slightly behind the eye itself as gravity brings them to a fluttering close.
7.) From this position, eyelids remaining closed, raise the eyes themselves slightly upward, as if to view an imaginary light above.
8.) Picture a white screen (this can be difficult) at first but keep trying to extend the amount of time you have no random thoughts. Don't worry if you fall asleep right away.
9.) Envision 2 threads starting from the top of the closed eyelid down to around cheekbone level with a weighted small clear crystal hanging from each.
10.) Continue this exercise until it takes (for myself it can take 3 – 17 X’s. It depends on how busy my mind is or the day I have physically had). You will know when it does take, much like a tricky lock on a door; you will not have to focus the muscle upon the eye to be manipulated.
11.) Between exercises again repeat the initial statement to allow positive/neutral knowledge to your life situation.

Peace,hope, HAPPY EASTER, and understanding to each this finds.

Clairvoyance Editor

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