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Traditional Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

You can view this spread at Spiritual Guidance Tarot

The Celtic Cross Tarot spread is one of the best known Tarot spreads there is. It is very versatile and can be used for an overall outlook or targeted to a specific question or area of concern. The picture linked above shows the spread in detail.

Here are the ten positions and their meanings:

Position 1: This is the focus card that shows the background and immediate surroundings of the querrent, what has just happened and is still unfolding or being felt.

Position 2: This card crosses the first card. It represents forces for or against you and can point to things going in your favor, or things that may be sabotaging you.

Position 3: This is placed above the first two cards and is a motivation card. It basically explains what is troubling you and why you asked your question in the first place. Deeper insight into the root of the situation.

Position 4: This is placed directly underneath the first two cards. This card focuses on influences that may be still felt currently, but are in the process of moving out of your life. This is what you are saying goodbye to or what is passing through.

Position 5: This is placed to the left of the first two cards. This is known as the "free will" card and it speaks of things that may or may not manifest in the future depending on the choices you make.

Position 6: This is placed to the right of the first two cards, so that now you have the initial cross and 4 cards surrounding them. This card is the near future influences and speaks of the direction things are likely going based on the past, present, and other influences covered thus far.

Position 7: The next four cards will form a straight line, from bottom to top and these are placed to the right hand side of all the cards drawn thus far. The 7th position is the "hopes and fears" category and it highlights what you hope to gain from the situation and it highlights your fears around the situation. It is quite fitting even though it seems a bit contradictory. This is because our hopes and fears are often more closely linked than we think. We often fear the very thing we are seeking! This card is a great card for deeper insight.

Position 8: This card is placed directly above the 7th card. It represents others and the effects of others. If other people play a part in the question you have asked this card will lend insight into their opinions and how they view the situation. It can help you determine if others are aligned or at odds with your goals, views, etc.

Position 9: This is a course of action card and is placed directly above position 8. This card tells you what you need to do to reach a successful conclusion. If you need to work harder, this card will let you know. If it would be for your highest good to pursue a different path or direction, this card will point to that also.

Position 10: This is the final card and placed directly above position 9. This card is the "likely outcome" card and it ties together all of the information from the entire spread to show you where things are likely going to end up should you continue to pursue this course.

As you can see, this is a very detailed spread that provides a very detailed way to look at nearly any situation you can think of. It can also lend overall insight into your current path and help you determine if a change in course may be to your benefit or if you are truly on target.

There are some variations to this spread and some slightly different positions/meanings. It really doesn't matter which version you use as they all tend to highlight the same objectives.

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